Maricar Banaag and Her Online Buying Experience

1/09/2020 11:30:00 PM


There are always the pros and cons of online buying, one is the convenience while the other part is the risk of receiving items, not in good condition. But of course, it's the digital generation and all we need is one click of a button to make that buying or shopping as simple as it supposed to be.

An online buyer, Ms. Maricar Banaag, shares her online buying experience that ended up with her filing a case against an online seller. The online seller is Ms. Daisy Borja who auctions pieces of jewelry online. According to Ms. Banaag, Ms. Borja was referred to her by a friend.

According to Ms. Banaag, she bids for the diamond ring which was presented with a 1.25-carat. Among the bidders, she won the bid with an amount of Php160,000.00. The amount was included in an issued check amounting to Php405,295.00 for the other pieces of jewelry that she bought. It was afterward cleared by the bank on October 18. After the clearing, the item was delivered.

Ms. Banaag, in coordination with her setter, found out that the diamond ring weighs only at 0.71 instead of 1.25. There was a discrepancy on the presented carat vs the actual item. Ms. Banaag reached out to Ms. Borja about the issue and expected to have a good conversation and return the item, but Ms. Banaag received bad words from Ms. Borja. Got even worse, according to Ms. Banaag she even experienced bullying and some private information was disclosed.

With this, Ms. Banaag turns to legal action by filing an Estafa case against the online seller, Ms. Daisy Borja. This also includes violation of Article 50 and 64 of the Republic Act 7364 or the Consumer Protection Act of the Philippines which prohibits sale through deception.

To know more about it visit the link below.

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