Mikee Misalucha Releases First EP via GMA Records

8/06/2018 04:02:00 PM

Misalucha is known in the music industry because of our very own Asia's Nightingale Ms. Lani Misalucha and Mikee Misalucha, who happens to be related to Lani, is also making a name in the same industry.

Shortly after launching her self-penned single "Paalam Na!" last June, singer and songwriter Mikee Misalucha is set to release her EP called "Highs nd Lows" under GMA Records.
According to Mikee most of her compositions are based on her experiences, that's why most of it are hugot songs that people can relate to. She has been dubbed as GMA Records' #HugotGirl. Mikee is  a product of the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde's Bachelor of Arts in Music Production.

I was able to have a chance to ask Ms. Mikee on how she maintains the quality of her voice. She replied by saying that she drink lots of water with ginger, no cold water and most specially she give  1 day to her self not to use her voice or no talking at all.
However, as she continued writing more music, she has developed the eagerness to write songs that would uplift, encourage, inspire and relate to her listeners.

"Highs and Lows" was released last July 20 on iTunes, Spotify and over 180 digital stores worldwide.
Highs & Lows consists of original songs written and sung by Mikee Misalucha and produced and arranged by Vince Lucero. The songs show that despite of all the lows there will be the highs, thus the title Highs & Lows. It tackles different emotions, issues and situations in an upbeat manner. Its musical style is a mixture of electronic music with natural sounds (claps, snaps, voices, etc.). Its goals is to inspire and connect to the listeners as well as have them tap or dance to their feet while listening to all the songs.
I Got You (Ft. Eph Raim)
Peolpe have known Mikee as a songwriter of love songs, especially hugot or heartbreak songs. But she wanted to do a different hugot. This time it's about a hugot for someone you love. Hugots are not limited to heartbreaks but can be used in being happy in love. This song is basically about having someone's back no matter the circumstances, someone whom you could spend the rest of your life with, thus having the theme of a wedding after the song. With the help of Mikee's friend Eph Raim, the song shows the views of both sides of the relationship sa Mikee singing the views of the girl and Eph Raim who wrote the rap, raps the views of the boy. This is the first love song, that isn't about heartbreak that Mikee wrote. She hopes that this inspires couples to star strong together and to be there for each other.

For The World (ft. Joe Ramos)
Mikee wanted to write something relevant in our time so she came up with the song 'For The World' with the help of her friend Joe Ramos. This song tells about how broken the world is and how this generation has change so much that people lose hope and forget that one important thing we should do, which is having faith , hope and love. People are so distracted with the worldly things that they forget to pray and ask God for guidance or even thank Him for blessings, Mikee wants to give out the message that despite of all the problems the world is facing, let us help each other by being Christlike by spreading the love, faith and the hope for our world and by praying for one another and take action of our prayers. Faith without work is dead.

Keep Going
To inspire and to boost others confidence is one of Mikee's goals for this EP. 'Keep Going' is for those who are hesitating or having second thoughts on doing what they love and what they 're passionate about. People tend to tell other people what to do and what not to do. Society tells us many things that there are only kinds of people who can make it or do it. But that's the mindset we all want to change. This song sends out  message that you should not let your people, society, fear and doubts interfere with your dreams. Keep going, keep doing what you love is what you have to do if you want to get reach that goal. Things would be rough along the way. You're work won't always be perfect but that's why you learn and improve. It won't be easy but it would be worth it if you keep going. Trust in the process!

Mikee for sure will make her name in a music industry because of her absolute talent that people will love it.

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