Sylvia Sanchez Shares Her Life in Sylviahera

12/23/2018 07:43:00 PM

You know that I have been blogging about Sylvia Sanchez and her children, telling stories about them and some updates of their careers. Now, I will be sharing Sylvia Sanchez' new venture. Not much about her showbiz career but more of a personal level as she tries to bring her food and travel experiences together in this one video blog, Sylviahera. This is her take of sharing her everything not only to her fans but to Pinoys who works or lives abroad missing the Philippines.

Sylvia Sanchez invades the digital world through her video blog about life, travel and cooking. This December 25 she starts her vlog by going back to her roots, childhood experiences and fondest memories, sharing the dishes that she grows with.

Sylviahera will continue to bring local dishes and beautiful untouch places. Together with her luggage that comes with a single burner stove, she will explore the gift of nature, the culture and the people behind in every delicious dishes in the country. This adventures is unscripted and spontaneous as she explores the local scene.

During the blogcon Director Dante Nico Garcia gave an introduction and insight about this new venture. He even shared that everything is as spontaneous as Ms. Sylvia's character. Everything is done without the glamorous make up. Simplest as possible as it is. Direk Dante also gave a glimpse of the first episode.

Ms. Sylvia also shared that every dish in that episode were taken from her childhood memories and activities in the province. She even shared daw she made sure that her kids will experience the things that she experienced.

Sylviahera is under the direction of Dante Nico Garcia which will officially start on December 25. The first episode will be released on Youtube under Casa Nieves TV. After the release of the first episode they will have a weekly inject about the dishes that viewers might want to learn how it was cooked or even the ingredients.

This coming December 25 watch Sylviahera in Youtube as Sylvia Sanchez invites everyone to come with her as she reminisce her childhood in Butuan.

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