#JUSTBEGOODATWHATYOUDO is Region 6 Police Chief's Blueprint of Reforms

7/17/2019 08:02:00 PM

 JUST BE GOOD AT WHAT YOU DO! It's a simple message but hits the mark right at the bullseye. For me, this message of the newly appointed Western Visayas Police Regional Director Rene Pamuspusan does not only encourages the uniformed personnel but also others who works in different line of industry. Like any work we should be good at what we do and strives to be better if not the best.

Regional Director Pamuspusan unveiled his blueprint of reforms to pursue programs of the Philippine National Police (PNP) during the press conference at Camp Delgado in Fort San Pedro, Iloilo City earlier today, July 17.

“To our personnel in region 6, you have proven that you are good at what you do as a policeman and I know that you are prepared to face the next challenge. Attend well to your task and just be good at it,” this is what Police Regional Office 6 (PRO 6) Chief Pamuspusan mentioned as he announced his programs for the PRO 6 during the press conference.

During his term as regional director, the regional police will carry out sustained reformation, internal cleansing through mentoring and developing leaders at all levels, and pro-active and smart policing.

“We have an achieving and soaring Police Regional Office 6. This office has proven that it is on the right path towards the accomplishment of the PNP’s strategic direction – in terms of performance and in terms of reformation. And I fully commit to sustain the gains as we continue to raise the bar of police service by strengthening our commitment in pursuing the programs of the PNP,” he said.

According to PRO 6 Chief Pamuspusan, this sustained reformation will benefit PRO 6 “through the continuous efforts in addressing the gaps on Human Resource, Infrastructure and Equipment; as well as bringing the police of Western Visayas closer to our institutional partners.”

Just like in most company's leadership and mentoring system, PRO 6 Chief Pamuspusan will also push the mentoring to develop regional personnel to become leaders in their own right. I remember during my corporate days, I'm always included in their development programs where I have learned a lot.  So, if this kind of system will be implemented in the line of uniformed personnel it will not only be good but better.

“And this will be done through the ‘squad system’ which is developing a cohesive and nurturing relations among our personnel as we group them so that they could look after each other,” he said, adding that this will be done through constant dialogues with subordinates and giving trainings and seminars for their improvement.

The new PRO 6 chief will also implement pro-active and smart policing by giving emphasis on the use of technology in crime prevention and law enforcement operations, saying that “we see that these technologies will help us a lot as we go harder on illegal drugs and other forms of criminality.”

Before assuming the post as Western Visayas PNP regional director, Pamuspusan. served as chief of the Philippine National Police’s Headquarters Support Service. #JustBeGoodAtWhatYouDo #renepamuspusan

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