Shakey’s Chicken 'N' Mojos My Kids' Choice #PerfectTogether

9/06/2019 07:50:00 PM

One of the restaurant-to-go when craving for some chicken, pizza and mojos, Shakey's. It's the place where you can really satisfy your cravings, hot and tasty. But the best combo that you can really have in this restaurant is their Chicken 'N' Mojos. It is one of the considered famous among the offering of Shakey's, it is such an inseparable pair. That lightly breaded, crisp, flavor-packed perfectly goes well with the iconic Mojos.

If you're a foodie you'll definitely notice that Shakey's Chicken is one of the best in town because of the flavor that bursts out of its meat. Each part is seasoned and coated evenly, creating a distinct taste and aroma. The Mojos, on the other hand, is also cult favorite that has its own following for its seasoning and spice.

This awesome twosome can be an appetizer, a meal in itself or even an addition to your usual order of the thin-crust pizza. Chicken 'N' Mojos is available in Solo (3 pieces), Buddy (5 pieces), Family (7 pieces), Party (12 pieces) and Blowout (20 pieces) Packs.

A basket can be eaten on your own or shared with your friends or your family. No matter how you like it, Chicken 'N' Mojos is always perfect for your appetite.

You will always go back to your all-time favorite pairing from Shakey's. It's not only perfect together, it's also perfect for you.

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