Madam Inutz Witnessed the Generosity of Wilbert Tolentino

8/18/2021 10:44:00 AM


When it rain it pours! Life is surely uncertain. We don't know when things will happen or when will the blessings come into our lives. We may be rich today but will be poor tomorrow, or vice versa. Life changes in an instant, and it doesn't matter whatever your status in life.

One good example of this transition is the viral and sensational online seller named Madam Inutz or in real life is Daisy Lopez. Her popularity booms with how she does her selling online, a big effect on her viewers.

Madam Inutz was featured at KMJS ( Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho) last Sunday, August 15. But the popularity even booms when she signed a contract with Star Image Management and then later on move out of the management. It was a decision that she made but before doing so she was able to seek advice from her friends and relatives and even consulted a lawyer.

Now, this celebrity online seller was featured in one of the episodes of Wilbert Tolentino Vlogs. Tagged as being "Mr. Generous," Mr. Tolentino always reaches out to give a hand to the needy. Mr. Tolentino is a Mr. Gay World titlist, a businessman, a YouTuber, and a philanthropist.

Watch Wilbert Tolentino Vlogs here with Herlene Budol also knows as Hipon and Madam Inutz.

The family of Madam Inutz is very grateful to Wilbert Tolentino for helping them financially, and because of that, netizens are looking forward to both of them working together as managers and Talent. Some say that Wilbert Tolentino is a family-oriented person just like Madam Inutz, everyone is already looking forward to this talent and manager tandem.

So, if you're not yet in the loop better read the story and check out the vlog of Mr. Wilbert Tolentino and see for yourself.

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