P100 Million Man In Malacañang, Who is He?

7/19/2022 09:08:00 PM


It's only a few weeks after the inauguration of President Bong Bong Marcos, Jr., but it seems there are officials who are trying to stain the reputation of the PBBM and the government. Already getting greedy for power and money. 

Just recently, many news anchor hinted the public with their programs containing blind item of a certain official in Malacañang of an alleged taking advantage. He was coined as the P100 Million Man, 

According to some bits of information moving around the palace, this person known as El Kapitan of the administration is very close to the President. As per the details of the hearsay, this man is taking advantage of the situation by allegedly extorting money to those individual who would want to get hold of the position in the government that earn more for the government. Accordingly, they wanted that certain offices to be their milking cow.

What's intriguing about the person is that he asks for One Hundred Million Pesos (Ph100M) from people who want to have a position in the government, especially the so-called "juicy position" - these are the positions in government where you can get easy money.

Anyone who can provide the 100 million pesos El Kapitan will personally arrange the papers to get appointed to the preferred position.

What's worse with this El Kapitan or El Kupitan is that he does this even during the election, his modus operandi. Allegedly, all of the transactions with the business owners are the same. It starts with P100M and is even higher if the business owner is well off. All of them allegedly have the same stories.

Allegedly, there was also a story of a business owner who believed to be making his move to be noticed by PBBM by donating a sum of money, unfortunately, El Kupitan gave a bank account number registered to his name.


Now, this business owner doesn't have any idea if the donation reached to where it should given.

Aside from being coined as "Mr. 100 Million Man," El Kupitan was also given another name as "Silidonyo," it is describe as "silid dito, silid doon."

With this, people around PBBM are worried that this person might stain the image of the President and the whole administration. 

So, who do you think is this Mr. 100 Million Man, aka El Kupitan? He is a Raketista with a R in his name. Do you think you guess who is it?

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