Mang Kanor Film Streams at AQ Prime

1/27/2023 11:30:00 PM


Mang Kanor! Sounds familiar? Well, it should be, because it was one of the sensational names during that time because of the scandal that went viral years ago. A video of an older man and young lady doing intercourse. It was uploaded online that spread throughout the world wide web. Stories about it being uploaded to the net were proven. 

Allegedly, Mang Kanor was an ex-police officer who supports student girls with their school expenses which later on led to some videos that leaked to the entire web.

After that time, the name Mang Kanor was coined for a dirty old man dating younger ladies. 

Few people really know what happened or what was the story. So, this 2023, AQ Prime Stream features this familiar story to give a platform to properly describe who Mang Kanor was and what had happened in his life, and the real story.

AQ Prime Stream features the story of Mang Kanor played by legendary actor, no less than REZ CORTEZ who had remarkably given justice to all the characters he has portrayed.

If you have seen most of his shows and films, you'll definitely give a thumbs up, because he is indeed a versatile actor. From kontrabida to sidekick, to many more roles, Rez surely nailed and concreted his acting skills in the industry. 

Anyway, as for the movie created and filmed by AQ Prime, this was my very first encounter with such a film. Accordingly, the movie was provocative in a sense because the streaming platforms are not regulated by the MTRCB, but even though it is much needed to fully portray everything.

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