Get Stylish This Holiday With BUM

12/18/2013 09:55:00 PM

Moms doesn't need to be old fashioned. There's always a wide variety of styles and clothing to choose from and for this holiday there's one brand that sure stands out of the ordinary with their collections. BUM Equipment is one brand that makes that exciting moment of getting notice and seen above from the ordinary. Expressing oneself makes it a whole lot different than the usual. Individuals can be a rock star and utilitarian vibe this holiday season with BUM's collection.

What does BUM Collection is all about? It's just all simply outstanding with their leather, oxidized prints, ombre pieces, and knits, this is what BUM is all about this holiday season.

BUM dubbed it's third part of the My ATEEtude campaign as “I Start the Revolution,” highlighting their collection emphasizing on pieces that go for two things which is an edgy, rock-star vibe and a stylish utilitarian chic.

To make it more vivid and clear it is about biker jackets, acid-wash skinny jeans, hoodies, long-back shirts, and leather-accented items. Leather, which can make the wearer look casual, sexy and daring, appears in the form of piping, pockets, or sleeves.

And because the Holiday collection serves as the brand's banner campaign for 2013, it is but natural for BUM to up the ante this time around.

After playing around with bright colors, BUM goes for more solid colors with their Chino bottoms with new trimmings, digital prints, cargo pants and ombre pieces. This refer to garments that have a graduation of colors.

Knits are also one of the key element in the Holiday collection. You can watch out for some knitted jackets, shirts with collars and comfy but stylish blouses for the girls.

BUM is available in leading department stores nationwide.

BUM Equipment

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