A Great Experience at Foot Massage Lounge

12/29/2013 10:21:00 PM

Mommies are busy in many ways, preparing some stuff for the kids, cook food for their families, so many chores, so many things to do in and out of their houses.

Mommies also need some break, relax a moment and have time for themselves. The best way to pamper themselves is through massages. Yes it is, and I myself have experience the great time with a foot massage.  Together with my blogger friends we enjoyed our pampering day and since most of us are mommies we consider this as our break from the usual work of moms, plus this is our bonding moment as well.
Though the place for me is quite far, I still managed to be their and see their location and of course their well signature foot massages.   I need to experience it first hand so I can share what I have experienced.  Truly with that location I do deserved to a relaxing foot massage to ease off my tired feet from that travel.  The Foot Massage Lounge is located near the NBC Tent and it is an easy recognizable landmark in Bonifacio Global City, it is in The Forum Building surrounded by restaurants.

The ambiance as you enter was relaxing perhaps because of the combination of black and gold color that moderates the eyes.  A good balance of flat and shining color.   The area where we are treated were designed for a group or barkada foot massage session.  It has 6 couches in it with three more of my blogger mommy friends, we enjoyed the massage. 

They let us tried the deluxe massage lasts 60 minutes and focuses just on your feet.
According to them the massages are a combination of Shiatsu, Swedish and hammer type pressure massage.  The massages at the Foot Massage Lounge are dry massages. The masseur started the massages from my head down to my back to let me feel that I need to relax and enjoy the moment, and I did!

After those massages, it's time for my feet.   The masseur did focused on my feet and legs and I was glad I had the massage because lately I felt uneasy with my right foot.  It was really a soothing massage that made my legs relaxed. 

Foot Massage Lounge use a special type of balm. According to them you can go out on a date, have party or meet someone after the massage, Yes, the smell is not that harsh, it is a friendly aroma.

After those soothing and relaxing massage, they use hammer-type pressure massage which was the last part, that was good for blood circulation. This was something new for me.  Where do you think they hammer you? hahaha, interesting question isn't it. Well, you must go to Foot Massage Lounge and try it and experience to be hammered.

Cat Ilacad opened the Foot Massage Lounge last November 2011, she is alo the founder of Post Nails.  She is a fan of foot massage so she wanted a new project that will cater on massages, then the Foot Massage Lounge was born.

According to Cat Posh Nails do manicure, pedicure and a little bit  of foot massage, and has usually appealed to a female demographic, while Foot Massage Lounge offers 60 to 75 minutes of massage and caters young ones to senior. Those who want to relax. Yuppies, mom, the runners and the students can experience their massages.

Foot Massage Lounge has celebrity fans like Cristine Reyes and Derek Ramsey.

So mommies, try to visit the Foot Massage Lounge together with your hubby to have a bonding moment with him while on the relaxing mode to both of you. Well, I will definitely let my hubby to try it also, so watch out for our date at Foot Massage Lounge.

Foot Massage Lounge
2F The Forum, South Global Commercial Bldg, 7th Avenue corner Federacion Drive, Bonifacio South, Taguig City.
Telephone: 218-6744
Mobile Number: 0926-7334929
Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: @fmassagelounge
Website: http://footmassagelounge.com

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