SM City Fairview's Foodcourt; A New Dining Experience

5/27/2015 10:44:00 PM

I'm very glad that I live one ride away from SM City Fairview. This is our usual family hangout and of course our family bonding. Most of the time we do our grocery here, we also buy our clothes and other things that we need, don't forget our movie dates and of course we dine here as well. In other words there are lots of things to do at SM City Fairview and we're thankful for that.

Since dining is one of our favorite bonding session, SM City Food Court is where we mostly hangout of course that comes with foods and drinks. The place is located at the ground floor of the main mall. Just recently, the SM City Food Court made some renovation. Same location but with a new look perhaps more appealing with a classy look and it is pleasant to the eye.
SM City Fairview Food Court  made noticeable changes with their designs. The seats are now detached from the tables and so attractive because of the colorful design. Each stall have their own name pasted in front of them, for easy guide for SM patrons.
SM Foodcourt has always been known to give customers the widest selection for a fast, filling meal and at SM City Fairview Foodcourt, the food choices are countless! The food offerings are diverse mix of cuisines around the world while the Filipino dishes offered here gives customers a chance to experience not just the typical meal choices we enjoy but regional delicacies that we usually crave!
Now, School days is fast approaching, we will definitely buy school things for my kids at SM City Fairview and after a tiring hunt a sumptuous dining is needed for my boys (my hubby and my sons). I will definitely let them try the new renovated SM City Fairview's Food Court. It is child friendly because of the colorful seats.

Here are some of the best dishes at SM City Fairview Foodcourt:

So mommies, spend your bonding moment at SM City Fairview Foodcourt or even your friends can share good food while catching up after a busy schedule. At SM Fairview is the perfect place to MEET and EAT!

For more details log on to https://www.facebook/SMCityFairview

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