When Codes Starts To Speak, Microsoft YouthSpark #WeSpeakCode Campaign

5/11/2015 06:52:00 AM

Moms does not have to be techie enough to understand coding but of course it is a plus. Relating to kids would be much more easier if Moms also learn how to do coding. They will not only guide and support their children but will also have time for bonding. Now that there’s call to have coding as part of the curriculum or subject in schools then perhaps this moms needs to understand more of the things about coding but for the meantime let us all learn what Microsoft reveals about the study that they made, Knowing that vast majority of students in the Philippines want coding as part of their subjects in school. Microsoft additionally revealed that most students in the Philippines recognize the value of coding for future careers and enjoy relatively strong support and opportunities from parents and schools. Last March 21, 2015, Microsoft officially released the results of the study.
The study was conducted last February 2015 in line with the Microsoft YouthSpark #WeSpeakCode campaign, the survey polled 1,850 students under 24 years old from across 8 countries in Asia Pacific, including the Philippines, on their sentiments towards coding or software programming. They were also asked about the learning opportunities for coding that are currently available to them. The student respondents came from a variety of academic backgrounds, including arts and humanities, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), business, and other general fields of study.
The survey revealed that a vast majority of students in the Philippines (97 %) want to know more about coding, and 96% wish that coding could be offered as a core subject in their schools. This suggests that coding has the potential to be a highly engaging subject that can capture the attention and imagination of students, leading to positive learning outcomes.
The study marked that the broad understanding amongst students in the Philippines about the impact of technology on businesses and the society – 96% of the polled students expressed that coding is important to their future careers, and 92% agree that coding will be relevant to all careers in the future, regardless of areas of specialization. 
According to Karrie Ilagan, Microsoft Philippines General Manager, “The results from the Microsoft survey clearly show that the vast majority of students in the Philippines no longer question the value of coding. These youth fully recognize its importance in helping them acquire fundamental 21st century skills and prepare them for success in the future.” “As our world continues its evolution into one that is mobile-first and cloud-first, it is important for educators in the region to stop asking whether or not to offer coding as a subject- but how it can integrated into the curriculum as soon as possible.
Other noteworthy results from the study include: On the benefits of coding, 81% said coding helps them better understand the digital world that we live in today, and 63% said coding can make it easier to find a job in the future;
Although commonly regarded as a male-dominated field, the survey nevertheless shows that a very high proportion of both boys (96%) and girls (95%) in the Philippines think of coding as important to their future careers;
Reinforcing the finding that students in the Philippines are fully aware of the growing importance of an education in technology, an overwhelming 98% of students who specialize in the arts and humanities – an area that is conventionally far removed from science and technology – wants to learn more about coding.
Along with the widespread enthusiasm and interest in coding, the survey also revealed that students in the Philippines enjoy relatively strong support from their parents and schools for coding. For the schools and parents on the other side shows in urgent need to quickly reflect on how they can better support the younger generation in taking their first coding steps.
As the need for educators to sustain and further this positive trend, the Microsoft YouthSpark #WeSpeakCode campaign is back for its second year in Asia Pacific. Kicking off this year with a promise to be more exciting than ever, with local events in more than thirteen countries throughout the region. Aimed at inspiring youth in Asia Pacific to try their hand at coding and become creators, the campaign will connect aspiring student coders of all skill levels with the tools, resources, and experiences they need to turn their innovative ideas into reality – whether they only have an hour, a whole semester, or an entire year’s worth of time to invest.
Microsoft Philippines celebrates #WeSpeakCode by teaching coding to select schools within and outside of Metro Manila with the help of Microsoft Student Partners (MSPs), college student volunteers who have been trained for free in Microsoft technologies and serve as Microsoft evangelists in their respective schools. A mall activation at SM Megamall also offers fun and easy coding lessons to kids and adults alike using popular games such as Minecraft, Angry Birds, and animated movie, Frozen, as a platform to teach coding and make it more accessible.
Ilagan added, “It is heartening to see so many students in the Philippines understand the importance of coding and are taking action to ready themselves for the future. We at Microsoft believe that code is a language that anyone can learn and computational thinking is an essential foundational skill that should be taught in all schools – regardless of age, gender, or your current field of study. Writing code and creating a program of your own is not complicated or difficult, and more importantly, its fun! More than 82 million people of all ages around the world already tried coding last year through the global Hour of Code event. Through the Microsoft YouthSpark #WeSpeakCode campaign, we’re bringing the movement here to Asia Pacific and the Philippines, empowering youth here to innovate, create, and unlock the best opportunities for their future.”

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