Michael Pangilinan Made A Familiar Sound at Music Museum

4/03/2016 10:48:00 PM

When you hear that familiar voice and familiar sound you'll definitely would like to hear it again and again and that's what I did after attending at Michael Pangilinan's concert entitled “Michael Really Sounds Familiar” at the Music Museum. It really sounds more than being serenaded by his voice with the songs that he sung during the concert. Of course he also did some of today's hit musics.

If you're familiar with the TV show "Your Face Sounds Familiar", Michael Pangilinan was one of the celebrity contestants that showed only his singing talent but the total package of entertaining the audience. His voice really got power in it plus the x-factor that made it a voice to fall at, most particularly with the ladies.

In this concerts Michael Pangilinan also got guest performers and special guest that will entertaining the entire audience of Music Museum for that particular night. Performers are Emil John Olisco who did the violin, Kara who did some fast songs after her duet with Michael, Jeffrey Hidalgo who I rarely heard of, the tandem of Boobay and Ate Gay that made everyone in Music Museum laugh their hearts out, and of course the very special guest of Michael Pangilinan, Ms. Garie Concepcion. Plus a special guest that he didn't really know, Ms. Denise Laurel who sung with him.

A powerful voice need not to be settled in small concert halls perhaps a much bigger venue on his next concert would be great.  Congratulations Michael Pangilinan for a successful concert!

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