Enjoy Shopping and Great Finds at Tutuban Center

11/06/2016 06:13:00 AM

Shopping galore is a must this holiday season. We all know that Filipinos has the longest celebration of Christmas and one of the most enjoyable yet tiring part is the shopping. And when it comes to affordable items there's a place to visit, Tutuban Center, the bargain hunter's paradise. As part of the ever growing and improvements of the shopping mall, it has unveiled new and exciting features to pump up our shopping experience.
It's been years that I visited Divisoria and Tutuban Center. My mother loves to go there when we were kids, especially during Christmas season. She always buy as new clothes and new shoes. I think it is a tradition in most of the Filipino families to have new clothes every Christmas and the place for great finds and affordable prices is at Tutuban Center.

Recently, Bloggers was given an opportunity to explore the new Tutuban Center, and I myself was amazed with the new look of this shopping center. Very clean and no bad odor, shoppers can really enjoy the new Tutuban Center now. The ironic part here is that previously my mother bought things for us and now I am buying things for my kids.
First stop is the Anding's Toys and Flowers, Inc. which offers so much more than its name. Everything from party favors, garden accessories and holiday decor is offered by the establishment. I bought some stuff like costume for Halloween party, toys for my kids and even Christmas balls for my Christmas tree.



Next stop is the RTW section, I bought sleepwear there. Too many choices in the RTW that I want to buy more stuff there. Finally, I bought sleepwear that is only P100.

Finally, tired of shopping galore at Tutuban Center, and need some break. Shoppers can enjoy the spacious food court that offers refreshing drinks and snacks from several food carts. I really enjoyed the food as well.
Tutuban Center welcomes shoppers as early as 9:00am every day. Visitors will appreciate the enchanced pedestrian and vehicular circulation across the development. An additional 150 parking slots has been built into its CM Recto Avenue paid parking area.

I personally want to visit again the Tutuban Center with my mother to buy some stuff for Christmas Season. It will be a bonding moment with her.
Mommies, this is the best time to buy Christmas gifts for your loved ones at Tutuban Center. You can comment here your great experience.

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