Celebrating at Max's: Chickie Boy's Birthday Party

9/02/2017 11:40:00 AM

Our kids happiness is our joy. They are the greatest gifts given to us, parents. And it is our duty to provide the things they need to make them a happy individual. Of course celebrating their milestones makes us even more prouder.

There are so many ways to give a lasting moment for the kids and they will definitely enjoy every minute of it. It will be treasured forever. One of these is by giving them the best birthday party ever. A party celebration that shows how we, parents love them very much.

I was glad that one of the well-known restaurants in the country was able to invite me and experience celebrating occasions with them. And for that instance it was Chickie Boy's Birthday Party - A Max's Way. Chickie Boy is the ever wingy, lovable Mascot of Max's Restaurant.
Note if you celebrate your kids birthday with them he will surely make every kids have fun.

The venue of Chickie Boy's Birthday Party turned to be a huge playground for the kids. There were so many activities that my kids enjoyed very much that day.
"Make and Get Crowned" activity is showing the creativity of the kids by designing their own crown. "Visit the Princess Palace"  whereas the kids can take a picture with the princess and this station is what my youngest son, Gelo, really like the most. He loves to have a picture with the Princess, maybe because they don't have a sister in our house. "Dart The Baloon" . "Shoot the Ball" and "Hit The Block" are some of the activities included in the birthday party.

Max's Restaurant give both fun and meaningful celebrations with their amenities offered.

• Three (3) hours use of venue
• Mascot appearance
• Use of party banner
• Party room decor
• Party host
• Party kit
• Giveaways
• Game prizes
• Birthday themed cake

*Amenities may vary on Party Package

My eldest son, Kuya Maki, and my youngest son, Bebe Gelo, really enjoyed Chickie Boy's Birthday Party. Since Gelo is turning 7 next year we are planning to give him a birthday party and we really considering the Max's Restaurant Way.


Mommies, giving them the best party ever is the way of the best bonding ever as well with your loved ones. Let us enjoy the moment with them while they are still kids. This will really give us true fulfillment and happiness.

To know more about Max's Restaurant just log on to their website via www.maxschicken.com

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