Pampering at its Finest at Royal Oasis Luxe Spa

9/12/2017 07:40:00 AM

"Me Time" is what Mommies, like me needs. A time to spend some quality time with myself. As a full time Mommy there are so many chores and activities that I need to prioritize for my family. One of the first thing that my family must have is the best of everything and that's everyday.

So with the work, chores and activities that we, moms goes through, we need some time to be pampered. A time to de-stress and relax, even in just an couple of hours. One of the best relaxation that a Mommy should have is the Massage. It really gives a great me moment. The wonderful feeling after the soothing and relaxing massage like what the Royal Oasis Luxe Spa offers.

People from Fairview or along Commonwealth don't have to worry on where to go for a relaxing place. Royal Oasis Luxe Spa- Dona Carmen is the newest and most premium branch of Royal Oasis Massage - Casa Milan who already has 6 years of experience and expertise in giving relaxation and massage services for the body, mind and spirit. I am very thankful that Dona Carmen branch is quite near in my place.

Royal Oasis Luxe Spa is a a sanctuary for those in need of pampering that will refresh and rejuvenate them to face the challenges of daily life. Other services include the Body Scrub, Foot Spa, Thai Massage, Sweding Aromatheraphy Massage, Sports Massage, Four Hand Massage, Luxe Signature Massage and Luxe Ultimate Package which are definitely a cut above the rest. Moreover, the courteous and well-trained staff will ensure that, more than just the theraphy, they will give you the best service possible. Making your Royal Oasis Luxe Experience an utterly sublime treat.
I so love the ambiance, the cleanliness and the serene place that of a Spa should have. You'll definitely feel relaxed through their soothing music. It is really a more private place I ever experience, unlike some Spa, you can't feel the comfort that you want if you need some relaxation. The Royal Oasis Luxe Spa really a unique sanctuary to turn you on a relaxing mode.
Royal Oasis Luxe Spa has a Single Private Rooms that caters those who wants a "Me Time". It has a movable but secure partitions separate the rooms but it can accommodate couples, families and group of friends. It has executive room as well that has two bed and its very own private rainfall shower with hot and cold water. All services are inclusive of FREE use of the Dry Sauna Room (separate for male and female) and Rainfall showers.
For my "Me Time", I tried the Luxe Ultimate Relaxation Package. It includes a Royal Foot Spa, segue into your choice of Algotherm Body Scrub, then finally culminate with a Swedish Aromatherapy Massage.

For my own consumption, I skip the Algotherm Body Scrub, but for sure on my next visit I'll definitely try it. First they gave me a Royal Foot Spa, I really feel like a royalty, they let me lie down while doing their foot spa. most of the time, I just sit down and let them do the foot spa, but this time it was a different experience. I felt relax at that moment.

Next is the Swedish Aromatheraphy Massage, a very soothing massage that make me fall asleep. Aside on the massage they put some inhaler bowl that gives an aroma to feel inside your body a relaxing that you need. I was really amaze that you feel relax inside and outside of your body.

A true value of Money that Royal Oasis Luxe Spa give to all who wants to experience their massage and other services. A very convenient place and no worries at all, just relax and feel the comfort and premium offerings that the spa have.

Royal Oasis Luxe Spa caters also SPArty, for bridal shower, birthdays, and other occassion that client wants to experience their services. Even a get together with your friends or classmates, you can spend more bonding moment at their sanctuary.

#RoyalOasisLuxeSpa is located at 2nd Floor Shopking Mall, Dona Carmen Subd., Corner Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City. For inquiries and Reservation; 426-7788/0917- 8766699/0998-5999674. Open Daily 2pm to 12am. Visit their facebook account via

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