Piolo Pascual, the New Brand Endorser of LivingWater

11/15/2017 07:21:00 AM

Water is very important to us. It is one of the essential needs of our body and we make sure that we get clean water. We can get clean water through refilling stations, bottled water and some other source that gets through a cleaning process. One of the longest time serve refilling station is the LivingWater.
Recently, LivingWater revealed their latest endorser, none other than Papa P himself, Piolo Pascual. LivingWater celebrates its 13th year in the Water Treatment Industry. Along with the celebration is the unveiling of the new face of Livingwater. Livingwater has the best endorsers in the industry. From Anne Curtis to Sarah Geronimo and this time, He is Brighter, Better, and Wiser..The Ultimate Heartthrob and leading man, Mr. Piolo Pascual. Livingwater picked the Best of the Best Showbiz personalities because like Livingwater they ensure that they provide the best customer service and after sales support, quality products and services and High End - State of the Art machines. Making Livingwater as the largest, the widest and the No. 1 Water refilling station franchise network in the Philippines today.


According to Piolo Pacual, he is honored that he was selected to be the brand endorser of Livingwater because water is very important to everyone. He shared also that he drinks a lot of water everyday and he makes sure that he drinks only the clean water. 

LivingWater System, Inc. formerly known as the Livingwater Filtration and Water Refilling Station, a sole proprietorship company established in October 2004, turned into a corporation in 2007 as LivingWater System Inc. (LWSI) is engaged in the sale, franchising and management of water refilling stations. The company started its operation as a water refilling station that carries a 3-in1 system, Purified water, Mineral Water and Alkaline Water - the first of its kind in the market, catering a vast number.

Its franchising business started in January 2005, to give way for the growing demand of its services, particularly specialized water refilling station filtration and purification. As June 2017, the company was able to build and develop 4,876 units and franchisees nationwide.

Launched new systems like 4 in 1 and 5 in 1 systems. The idea is not just giving people safe and clean drinking water but giving them the option based on what to buy and based on their preferences. Actually, Livingwater has many firsts in the industry. First to produce Alkaline Water, Oxygenated water and  Hydrogen Rich Drinking Water in the Philippines.

LivingWater 13th year Anniversary Promo is Free Franchise Fee this November 2017. So Contact them now at 0917-852-7126. For more details log on to their facebook account www.facebook.com/OfficialLivingwater

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