RIA ATAYDE Plays A Role Of A Disgrasyada in Ipaglaban Mo

2/27/2018 04:27:00 PM

Ria Atayde on screen or Maria Sofia Campo Atayde in real life, is the daughter of one of veteran actress in the showbiz industry, Ms. Sylvia Sanchez and Art Atayde, sibling of one of the rising stars, Arjo Atayde.
Beautiful like her mother, Ria Atayde follows the footsteps of her mom in the showbiz. Like any actresses, Ria played some minor roles in different TV series, some of these are a Doctor Role in a TV Series "My Dear Heart" and a School Teacher in "Ningning" . Of course there are still few to mentions and I've notice great changes and potential on her acting.
Recently, in one of the TV Series entitled "Ipaglaban Mo", Ria played Gladys, the main character where she plays the role of a Disgrasyada, she was an employee of a Catholic School that later on fired her due to allegedly immoral acts. Gladys who has a Boyfriend named Ben (played by Enzo Pineda) is also an employee of the same institution. Their relationship has been in secret which lasted for 2 years, Ben left her after knowing that she was pregnant and Ben resigned form work. Leaving Gladys alone in facing her pregnancy.

When the institution know about what happened to both Gladys and Ben, they instantly condemned both of them as immoral because of the act that they did, without being married. The School condemn that their act is not in accordance or image of the school that's why the institution fired Gladys. She knew that she was on the right side that's why she fought for her right and was able to win the case.

As Ria plays the character I was engulfed by her acting and she did gave justice to the role and her best scene was when she was crying and the confrontation with the Boyfriend played by Enzo. She really showed that she was really angry that time. There was too much emotion and even the slapping scene is so realistic that I think her hand marks at Enzo's cheeks.
She really played it well, Good Job Ria! I think Ria is ready for more matured roles. She'll be sharing the limelight with her mother and brother. Just like her Mom and her Brother she can really share that she has the potential.
Aside from the Ipaglaban Mo thingy I was also able to inject a one liner question that she was able to give an answer. I personally asked her about the qualities of a guy she likes. She said the guy should be;

1. Family Oriented
2. God Fearing
3. Maalaga
4. Thoughtful
5. He will give Ria an Independence

So what do you think of this Guys???

She shared also that their usual bonding of the family is food and movies. They see to it that their Family should spend time on a Sunday together.
Nice chatting with you Ria, hope more projects for you so that more interviews from us. See You Around!

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