Ai Ai Delas Alas, Managing RRJ's Newest Endorser - Ex-Battalion

4/02/2018 03:51:00 PM

Managing the millennials. perhaps one good problem that Ms. Ai Ai Delas Alas faces today as she manages the latest youtube sensation that really hit the internet waves with their hit music video, “Hayaan Mo Sila”. So by the title of the song I’m sure you’ve hit it and guessed it already. Yes Ms. Ai Ai Delas Alas has decided to be the manager of the group Ex Battalion or ExB .

As part of being their manager, Ms Ai Ai for sure will be moving the music and entertainment industry to make the group even more resonating to everyone. One of the group’s latest gig is being the endorser of one of the streetwear apparel, RRJ of which fluently get along with the style of Ex Battalion.

During the press launch of RRJ, Ms. Ai Ai shared that “I first heard about the rapper band last year,” “I wanted to record a song and a writer on my show told me na kung gusto ko raw mag-hit ang song ko, isama ko ang Ex-Battalion. Sabi ko, ‘Foreigner ba sila?’ The writer told me, ‘i-research mo sa internet’. That’s how I got to know the group.”

When Ms. Ai Ai coordinated with them, the members of Ex-Battalion didn’t believed at first and having thoughts that it might be a scam but then again Ms. Ai Ai pursued meeting them and becoming their manager.

Ms. Ai Ai, as manager, considers the boys (members of Ex-Battalion) as her “mga anak”. She really feels like their mother since she’s Ex-Battalion’s first manager. She promised to sort out the boys’ schedule and also their earnings.

Now, we will have another group to look up to and listen to. I’m already having LSS of their song Hayaan Mo Sila.

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