5 Guy Qualities Preferred by Ria Atayde

4/09/2018 04:07:00 PM

One of the things that we want to know about our favorite artist/actress/actor is about their love life. Some they don't want to talk about it, some they are so open and tell all their supporters about their status when it comes to their love life.
Ria Atayde is the daughter of Ms. Sylvia Sanchez and her brother is Arjo Atayde, who is open to talk about her love life, though she shared that she don't have any boyfriend (dyowa) as of the moment. But when I ask her about the qualities of a guy that she likes, she said the guy should be:

1. Family Oriented
2. God Fearing
3. Caring
4. Thoughtful
5. He will give Ria an independence

Those are the qualities she likes, so to all guys out there what are you waiting for?

According to Ria, she wants to get married when she is already 30s, but still she doesn't want to pressure herself, "when it comes, dadating yun" Ria said.

She also shared that their usual family bonding is food and movies. They see to it that their Family should spend time on a Sunday together.
Ria shared that when she was a teenager, she doesn't want to be an actress but where she is right now. She's happy being an actress. I guess it's in her genes, that's why she's into acting.

With this, Ria will be at MMK (Maalala Mo Kaya) on April 14 together with Ian Veneracion and Angel Aquino in its story about the National Artist, Cesar Legaspi's story. She will play the role of Celeste Legaspi in the episode directed by Jeffrey Jeturia. 
So, if you want to know about the National Artist, Cesar Legaspi watch it. Also, see how Ria plays the role of Celeste.

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