Date With My Boys at Moose PlayCamp 2018

5/12/2018 10:25:00 AM

Summer is already here and it is vacation time for our kids. Parents like me think of many ways for their kids to enjoy their summer vacation. We want their summer to be memorable for them. This is also one way to reward them after doing good with their studies.

Since it's summer time, activities are almost every where and it is up for the kids and the parents to decided which one to join. In line with this, one of the top clothing line for kids, Moose Gear presented their Moose Play Camp 2018.  Moose Gear, the trendy casual wear brand for boys, and Moose Girl, the comfort, fun and stylish clothing apparel for girls, made children's stay at the Moose Play Camp 2018 memorable.

A little background about the apparels, Moose Gear, the brand that has dressed-up many young boys in cool, hip and comfortable fashion, is also known to have been consistent in using high quality cotton fabric in a wide assortment of style and design. With it success in 2003, the brand decided to launch another clothing company, which is Moose Girl.

The Moose Gear & Moose Girl's MOOSE GEAR PLAY CAMP 2018 was a success and an enjoyable activity that benefited kids, specifically last week.

Just in time for the launch of the Moose’ Summer Collection - - where you can have a preview of the stylish kiddie outfit collection … covering a wide range of styles suitable for different occasions & themes, to name a few: Athleisure, Sporty Look, Streetwear Collection.

The Moose Play Camp is a combination of a meet & greet activity, where our celebrity endorsers get to meet with your kids for fun, inspiration and entertainment.
The Play Camp is also essentially an opportunity for your kids to attend a talent workshop in singing, dancing and modelling --conducted by professional teachers.

The workshop is geared to discover, cultivate and enhance your kid’s talent, with the intention of helping build their confidence so that they can also shine like our Moose Gear & Moose Girl endorsers.

It was our #DateWithMyBoys moment when we went in the Moose Play Camp 2018. My kids really enjoyed the day. They were in the Dancing and Modelling Workshop.


First, they did a dancing workshop. Both of my kids loves dancing and they did it. They gracefully performed after the workshop. It was an on-the-spot recital.

Lastly, they did a Modelling Workshop. My Youngest son, Gelo, did it very well. He poses like a true model and my hubby captured those short moment of Gelo as a Moose Gear endorser. Hahaha.
For sure my kids will really remember this moment and they will share it to their classmates when the school started.

Thank you so much Moose Gear for this kind of opportunity to show the talents of our kids. Moose Gear truly sought after the comfort for the kids. That's why we love Moose Gear apparel, lost count of how many clothes my kids have of it. We really love the style, comfort and the quality of Moose Gear.

Mommies, you can also let your kids be in the Moose Play Camp 2018, click the link here for more details.

Check attached poster for more exciting details.

For More Information about Moose Gear, follow their  official pages Facebook : Instagram : @moosegearkids Twitter: @moosegearkids

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