Back to Back Health Programs, Pancho Magno with Max Collins Host Healthy Ever After and Rocco Nacino Hosts The Healthy Juan

1/04/2019 07:08:00 AM

It's a back to back health talk weekend programs at GMA News TV teamed up with the Department Of Health (DOH). The shows "Healthy Ever After" which is hosted by Pancho Magno and real life partner Max Collins  and "The Healthy Juan" hosted by Rocco Nacino, will be aired every Sunday at 5:30pm and 8:00pm, respectively.

The program "Healthy Ever After" will discuss about family. Its hosts, husband Pancho Magno is a registered nurse and wife Max Collins, will join forces to tackle different family topics that will definitely brings out the curiosity from husband and wife, like me and my hubby. For sure Pancho and Max will relate on every topic they will discuss such as family planning, maternal care, newborn care packages, safe motherhood, expanded program on immunization, breastfeeding and up to adolescent health sexuality.

Rocco Nacino on the other hand will host "The Healthy Juan", a health talk show about degenerative diseases. Rocco is a nursing graduate, who will talk about mental health, depression, suicide, healthy aging and organ donation.

Rocco will discuss some of the sensitive health issues that we can learn with the help of some resource persons and experts to enlighten us on some of the diseases.

Catch "Healthy Ever After" every Sunday at 5:30pm and "The Health Juan" every Sunday at 8pm at GMA News TV

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