#DateWithMyBoys at Ninang/Dra. Meng our Dear Dentist

1/21/2019 09:55:00 AM

Our teeth, one of the very essential part of our body that is being used in our daily lives, needs attention. Its been a while since we visited in our dentist as a family. I was glad that we spent our 1st #DateWithMyBoys at our dearest Dentist and Ninang Dra Meng. She is one of the sponsor on our wedding. Basically our kids should call her Lola but she rather like to be called as Tita Meng. Hehehe.


This is the very 1st check up for Gelo’s teeth. I’m so worried about his teeth because he is now going to be 8 years old and yet he just lost 2 of his teeth. Dra Meng said that maybe Gelo experiencing delay in the development of his teeth or a syndrome i guess. It is because almost his teeth now are still baby teeth. She said also that we need to observe the teeth of Gelo specially if there are new teeth is growing.

Next is our dear eldest son, Maki. I just want to let his teeth be cleaned but it seems that one of his teeth should come off already so Dra Meng extracted his baby tooth that was obstructing the beauty of his smile. I guess this is the only remaining baby tooth that he has. I love the way Ninang Meng did it to Maki. He didn't even noticed that the tooth was already extracted. The only problem that Ninang Meng encountered was that it grows a certain portion of the gums underneath that baby tooth. So she has to remove that portion. One good news is that Maki have beautiful and strong teeth that he doesn't need to wear a brace. Of course we need to take good care of his teeth until he is totally a grown up.

Me, of course, I am so eager to have my teeth be cleaned. I know that if my gums feels swollen already that's the time that i need to visit my dentist. My teeth are not as strong as with my boys. It is weak that I need to have it cleaned twice of thrice a year to avoid any problem with it. Now, I am happy because my teeth are now clean and I can confidently smile every time I have an event or an interview with some showbiz personalities.

Lastly, Daddy Marco since his teeth are so strong and he's very keen in taking good care of his teeth he doesn't need to have cleaning but maybe on our next visit.  He will have his major check up and an extraction maybe.
It was a nice experience dating my boys at our dentist. Thank you so much Ninang/Dra.Meng for taking care of our teeth. Love you so much and see you soon!

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