Babae at Baril is About Empowerment

10/19/2019 06:15:00 AM

Girl power! Perhaps this movie gives an interesting way to portray empowerment not only to women but to all who are suffering oppression in different ways. Babae at Baril is the official entry of Cignal Entertainment in partnerhsip with Epicmedia to the QCinema International Film Festival. So, if you find yourself being down because of oppression and injustice this might be one way of giving you some lessons about being empowered and controlling that power to do the right thing.

Janine Gutierrez stars in this film and plays the role of a saleslady in a local department store, where her everyday life is composed of an exhausting commute home and add up a manager who always seems to have something to say about her physical state. When she finally gets home, there's no one there but her roommate who couldn't care less about her. A life that is common in the working class.
Her life changes when she finds a peculiar looking gun right on her doorstep. She felt a surge of power holding and carrying the gun. Giving her a boost that she can do anything she wants, talk back to whomever she wants, and even hurt anyone she wants.

Aside from Janine Gutierrez, other casts are Felix Rocco, Elijah Canlas, JC Santos, and Sky Teotico with the special participation of Ruby Ruiz, Allan Paule, and Archie Adamos and will be shown in selected cinemas from October 15 to 22, 2019.

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