Star Cinema Brings Gripping Acting Ensemble In Supernatural Thriller "Hellcome Home"

10/22/2019 07:20:00 AM

"Hellcome Home" the newest offering of ABS-CBN films-Star Cinema This Halloween, topbills Dennis Trillio, Raymond Bagatsing, Alyssa Muhlach, and Beauty Gonzales.
Helmed by young director Bobby Bonifacio Jr. (of last year's Cinema One Originals' top grosser, "Hospicio",) the film tells the story of two families: The Domingos-husband and wife Nandy (Raymond) and Cynthia (Beauty) with kids Fred, Mia and Pia, portrayed by Teejay Marquez, Gillian Vicencio, and Miel Espinosa, restectively - and the Villareals- husband and wife Peter (Dennis) and Marcy (Alyssa) with kids Sky (Nhikzy Calma) and Baby Starr.

The Domingos and the Villareals both want the same thing: to have a peaceful home away from all the outside noise. However, it seems they cannot escape their inner chaos.

Upon settling in, their dream home becomes a nightmare from hell as things happen--sounds and whispers too uncanny to ignore, strange shadows lurking at every corner, and trespassers bearing offerings. Both families experience horrifying phenomena that are eeriely parallel.

Perhaps the house is evil itself, hungry for souls and wants to feed, once every few years. Who can save them from the house? Or is there no escape when hell has come home?

"(Basically), it's a story of two families na tumira sa iisang bahay. Pagdating nila roon they are being haunted, ginugulo sila ng kung anu-amung klaseng evil spirits," says Bonifacio Jr.
"Helcome Home" marks the first time the cast worked together, except for Beauty and Raymond, who teamed up in ABS-CBN's afternoon series "Pusong Ligaw" back in 2017.

This film also marks Dennis comeback to Star Cinema after doing the romance movie "You're Still The One' with Maja Salvador and Richard Yap in 2015.

Alyssa and Gillian both come from blockbuster horror films this year, 'Clarita' and 'Eerie,' respectively.
'Hellcome Home' premiere October 30 in cinemas across the Philippines.

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