Parenting in a pandemic: Raising healthy, smart kids with a heart for a better and kinder world

11/18/2020 06:33:00 AM

The journey of being a parent isn't easy at the best of times, but is now even more challenging amid today’s uncertainties. As schooling remains confined within virtual platforms, children are unable to meet their friends, play with them outside, and do the activities and interactions that young ones usually enjoy.

This limits the opportunities of little ones to socialize, a crucial part of growing up. Meeting and interacting with other people enable children to learn about empathy, compassion, and kindness, which are qualities that people learn over time and by practice. But with the lack of social interaction among children, how can parents foster a well-rounded development for their kids?

Here are three ways shared by Enfagrow A+ Four.

Receive to give kindness During the pandemic, children might feel waves of confusion and sadness brought about by the sudden change in their routines. They wonder why they are not physically going to school anymore, and why they are not able to play with other kids like they normally do. This might make them crave social interaction and mourn the lack of it, and cause them to act out and throw tantrums.

To help children ease their worries, parents can showcase kindness by acknowledging their kid's feelings and making them understand that all these will come to pass. They can also remind them of fond memories they share with their relatives and friends to make them feel that they are a part of a bigger community which they can draw strength from during periods of uncertainty.

Recognize your child's own acts of kindness It is natural for parents to celebrate their kids’ academic success. However, an overemphasis on intellect and talent may leave an impression on children that these are the qualities they should strive the hardest for.

By giving them compliments when they offer help to a household member, or when they take the initiative to fix their toys right after playing, it gives them a sense of realization that, beyond commendable school performance, treating people with kindness and respect matters greatly.

Equip them with the proper nutrition Nutrition can also greatly impact a child’s learning ability. This is why, from the very start, parents constantly look for ways to support their IQ (Intelligence Quotient), as well as their EQ (Emotional Quotient).

By feeding their brains and bodies with proper nutrition, parents do not only increase a child’s learning abilities. They also equip them with the right instruments that allow them to manage their emotions, develop their coping skills, as well as enhance their self-esteem and decision-making abilities. A nutritious diet is also key to strengthening children’s immune system.

Helping parents raise healthy and smart kids with a pursuit for kindness, Enfagrow A+ Four provides essential nutrients – including beta-glucan, DHA, and prebiotics. It supports kids’ strong immunity and help protect them against respiratory infections.

Enfagrow A+ Four also contains the highest levels of DHA and the only milk brand with MFGM or Milk Fat Globule Membrane that help boost a child’s brain development.

Raise healthy, smart kids with a heart to achieve the biggest of dreams and the heart to create a better world with Enfagrow A+ Four.

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