Healthy, hydrated skin does not go out of style

11/28/2020 08:02:00 AM

Fashion, wherever you are in the world, changes as seasons shift. When summer transitions into the rainy season, trust the shortest of dresses to become the longest of clothes.

Fashion also responds to the call of the times. During this pandemic, PPE’s and face masks have become the current IN thing to sport by Manila’s stylish set.

But while fashion adapts to changes, and addresses certain needs, one thing that never goes off season is the need to care for health. Luckily, the women of today have certainly learned to take a more proactive stance towards their health. Unlike a fashion emergency that may leave a gaping hole, or a loose button, they understand that it may take more than a minor stitch or a small patch to address health conditions.

Because 2020 has put us amid a terrible health war, immunity has become not just a buzz word, but the battle cry. And while immunity is something some women have invested in like a good piece of clothing or shoes, some have taken the extra step to put their hearts and minds to where their total health is concerned.


More and more women have learned not just to value a stronger immune system, but to give equal importance to caring for the other parts of their body, particularly their skin. Feeling and looking good on the whole, makes them feel healthier and more confident.


The skin is the largest organ of the body¹ and it makes perfect sense to give it due attention. At about age 30, Filipinas start experiencing early indications of aging including dry skin and wrinkles. Women do not realize it but these are actually telltale signs that their skin may be dehydrated, or lacking in moisture. Other signs of dehydration could include dull, tight, sensitive skin, flaky skin, and at times, fine lines. Unbeknownst to many, even oily skin could be considered dehydrated skin.²


To address the skin’s need for hydration, many women have turned to collagen. Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in the body that provides structural support for connective tissues, muscles, and skin. Collagen helps the skin become healthy by maintaining its strength and elasticity and enables it to bounce back into shape. ³

But as we age, our bodies lose the ability to produce collagen, and collagen usually depletes in time. This reduces the skin’s ability to bounce back , become less flexible, and thereby results in dryness or lack of moisture, which causes wrinkles.³

Enter Vitamin C.

The secret that some of you may not know yet is that Vitamin C does help keep our skin healthy. It plays a vital role in the production of collagen by making the process of hydroxylation possible.

So aside from helping to strengthen our immune system, and protecting us from cough, and colds.⁵ Vitamin C is essential to collagen formation, promoting healthy, hydrated skin and hair.


Just like the next big thing in fashion, a good accessory is the best complement to a well-pulled off look. But when it comes to our health, since our bodies do not naturally produce Vitamin C, taking supplements could very well enhance and complement our daily health habits.⁶

The number 1 Adult Brand in Vitamin C, Poten-Cee⁷ recently rolled out the red carpet for its Poten-Cee + C variant, with fashion icon Heart Evangelista as its brand ambassadress. Heart is looked up to by many Filipinas for her beautiful skin, and the healthy habits she espouses.

Poten-Cee + C is a supplement that combines both Vitamin C and Collagen. And because it is in a hydrolyzed or broken-down format,⁸ this protein can be easily absorbed by the body and help hydrate the skin and prevent the onset of wrinkles.

One cannot stress enough the importance of health, especially immunity nowadays. But with Poten-Cee + C, the chance to also achieve healthy, glowing skin is a plus! Healthy, hydrated skin, after all, is one that will always be IN, no matter what’s OUT there.

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