From Shy Mom to Blogger, A Mommy's Experience in the World of Blogging

4/02/2021 12:46:00 PM


A mere shy mom. That is precisely the description of me. Not a loner but prefer to be quiet. I only react if asked or if someone started a conversation with me. I'm more of a reactive person perse.

How I become a blogger?

Well, I really don't have any idea about blogging at first. I'm not curious, and I don't have any slightest interest in writing (Right now, I'm still in the process of learning more about writing). So the possibility of me writing about my experiences is very far from what I am doing right now. I would do my stuff rather than spend my time in front of the computer and tell stories. More so, about my personal life.

So, when my husband got interested in blogging and started earning online, I just observed and wonder if it's feasible. His first year was a bit rough because he began everything from scratch. He has zero knowledge, so he has to learn it all by himself. I couldn't help him that much that time because I don't know anything about it.

When he was receiving earnings and perks, that was the time I started my very own blog with his guidance. Later on, I was learning and knowing that this really could be a good business opportunity. But of course, I still do other duties aside from being a wife and a mom of two.

The Experience

It started from a personal blog to entertainment and lifestyle. I tried sharing myself first, then later on with my experiences. It's hard to create content. For me, I don't have any metrics to know if they will like it or not. But, hey, as long as I'll just be myself, I know they will understand it. And I'm sure my fellow mommies out there can truly understand because most mommy bloggers like me started simple.

Probably the benefit of having a hubby who's a blogger is his guidance. Even though you don't have much knowledge about writing, he is there to correct your mistakes. The only downside is that sometimes I asked too much that makes him a bit cranky. Sorry, you're the one who knows much about blogging.

Just like sudden rains, things started to fall on their path, and for a mom who joggles mommy duties, these are all blessings because one by one, brands and PRs began sending an invitation to their launching events or movie premieres. It is something that I only dream of before, but now, I'm experiencing it!

I think brands had finally reached the point where they look at bloggers and influencers as one of the best ways to endorse their products. Unfiltered and honest opinions, especially from mommies, like me. The rawer the things that moms do, the better.

The Perks

Mommies, like me, are naturally frugal. If we can get discounts and budget packs, the better. And since we're writing about brands and products, one of the simplest ways for brands to complete bloggers and influencers is to provide tokens as a way of appreciating the works, our works. These tokens are indeed a great help in budgeting household expenses. The thing is that we can use the savings for other things needed in the house.

Developing our skills and learning more about the things we don't know is just part of the whole picture of evolving ourselves. For blogging, it became my source of extra income.

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