Ms. Kris, I Feel You, I'm a Mom Too!

4/14/2021 07:49:00 PM


'I Feel You!' That's what I exhaled after watching the video of Ms. Kris Aquino. I felt every word she said in the video as if I'm also her. Just like Ms. Kris, I am also a mom with two kids, and being a mom is not easy. We need to be strong for our kids, not only today but throughout our lives. Probably the only difference is that I have my husband with me, who always supports me.

Moms' unconditional love for the family is our strong bond, most especially with the kids. No matter how hard our work is, our children are our source of happiness. Just like Ms. Kris, her spring of joy is her kids that is why she would defend them at all times.

What I like about Ms. Kris is that she's true in everything that she says, she would speak out very frankly but she make sure that everything will be well explained. She's open with her feeling towards any issues thrown at her. In all, she's not creating any facade. Just like the saying 'you get what you see.' You can also see through her sons how she manages and treats them. She's a cool mom that is why they love her very much.

Imagine how strong Ms. Kris is, without any man to depend on she was able to raise her kids pretty well. Her love for them is bottomless that's why she would not tolerate any foul comments or words towards her kids. It's really hard for parents to hear or read negative things about their children. I felt Ms. Kris when she said that she was the one who's more affected than her kids about the issues thrown at them but that's what moms are there for.

This coming May my youngest son will turn 10 years old, when he was about 5 years old he was diagnosed with mild ADHD. At first, it is hard for me to accept it but later on, I realized that I need to be on his side more to guide him. That is why I resigned from corporate work and focused on my son. It was very hard to decide on that matter, but I need to do it even though we couldn't provide it all for them, what is worth is that I'm with my son at times that he needs me, they need me.

Right now, I think Ms. Kris is still relevant, not only to moms like me but to individuals who follow her. Here are some of the followers who shared their good words for Miss Kris Aquino. 


Cool and strong, a picture-perfect portrayal of Ms. Kris Aquino. So, if you have the same life as I am or Ms. Kris comment down and share your thoughts. As for Ms. Kris stay strong!

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