Who is this Government Official aka Mr. Silidonyo and His Minions - The Collector and The Depositor?

8/17/2022 08:50:00 PM


The first 100 days of President BongBong Marcos' administration seem packed with issues, drama, and politicking. One problem after another, and what's more interesting with our story is that these individuals

A Government Official is alleged to have employed two big personalities from the field of business and politics, unfortunately, they are not for the good of the government but the allegedly "kickback" from the project of the government.

According to our whisperer, the two individual is tasked with a different obligation. The first one is the Collector, he is tasked with negotiating for the money to be collected for the so-called "Boss." He ensures that the collected money will be delivered on time.

While the other one is called the Depositor. He is the one who makes the deposits to the bank account of the high-ranking official.

The alleged transactions, negotiations, and exchange of messages are believed to have happened during June and July this year. There were different conversations about the multi-million transaction or "subi" (cut collection) from a project that is supposed for the poor.

Here's the allege sample of the text messages of the collector, “ Request for P100M para inclusive ang mga cabinets, tables and chairs” at “Sa Friday may check release na si (taga-SUBI) .. pls make sure nalagyan ng P100M ni Boss yung account nya Ty.” This message is allegedly one of the exchanges of messages last June 7, a few weeks before former President Rodrigo Duterte steps down as President.

So, the so-called Collector and Deposit of this Government official a.k.a. "Mr. Silidonyo" is no ordinary individual. It's a tandem of a lawmaker and a businessman.

Allegedly, Collector's image is already badly tainted because of its involvement in different scandals in the government which is why this personality is so "sip-sip" to the present administration to get away from the cases and accusations.

According to our whisperer, the amount collected by the so-called Collector is Php100 million, which is only for the Government Official aka Mr. Silidonyo. It seems that Php100 million is the "trend" in this present administration. 

The so-called Depositor of the collection made by the Collector is allegedly involved in a quarrel between a political family in one of the known cities in the National Capital Region.

The so-called Collector is a lady solon from one of the provinces in the country and the so-called depositor is known for his side jobs or "raket" just like his initial.

But the main blind item is the alleged Government official. Whoever he is, clues can tell.

It was reported that this Government official is being investigated for so many bank accounts under his name, not only in the Philippines but also abroad, and it is considered by the Anti Money Laundering Council.

So, who do you think is this Mr. Silidonyo that comes with a collector and a depositor of the million pesos?

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