AQ Prime Streams "Pula Ang Kulay Ng Gabi" with Stars Aljur Abrenica and Yana Fuentes

9/11/2022 07:37:00 PM


AQ Prime's latest film to stream online, "Pula ang Kulay ng Gabi," is all about the reality of life in the lower class of society and that most of the struggles are drawn to criminality to overcome poverty or at least feed the grinding hunger. 

Inspired by the story of the notorious and famous group, the Acetylene Gang, thriving in the underground world where they operate through a complex activity using their skills in burrowing in the dark to reach vaults containing large amounts of money. All done unsuspectedly and discretely to accomplish the deed. 

If you have been listening to news and reading the newspapers in 2014 or earlier, the Acetylene Gang has been the center of every story from different publications. The group started their evil deeds in the year 2000.

The film is directed by Jojo Nadela and the casts are Aljur Abrenica and Yana Fuentes together with a batch top-notch actors, Soliman Cruz, Elijah Filamor, Rob Sy, Zia Zamora and more. Some of the actors did an excellent portrayal of their characters, though there were cursing and others stereotypical picture of the community it is still on the level of tolerable words to deliver and render what is ought to be shown. 

So, if you don't have any idea of the story of this gang who have been the talk of the town in their time, watch the movie "Pula ang Kulay ng Gabi" on AQ Prime app to know about it!

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