Light for Everyone, Meralco and One Meralco Foundation #LightUpPilipinas

9/15/2022 10:24:00 PM


At present, electricity plays a huge role in our daily lives. We use electricity in almost everything that we do. It is the power that runs our machines and equipment. I remember my childhood days when brown-out and black-out, were the usual thing that happens in our community. It's hard, especially when you're studying for the school exam on the following day.

It was a struggle before, fortunately, brown-outs are rare. I think it only happens when there's a situation that needs to be fixed. Anyway, I'm here to share what transpired during our lunch date with some of the executives of Meralco and One Meralco Foundation.

It was a lunch date with the Vice President for Corporate Communication of Meralco, Mr. Joe Zaldarriaga, and Mr. Jeffrey Tarayao, the President of One Meralco Foundation. When I saw Mr. Zaldarriaga, I said to myself that he looks familiar. Then when he started talking.... ooohhh that was him. The person that we usually see on television in Meralco commercials, is the one that gives updates about our bill consumption for the period. That's Tito Joe. 

Anyway, we met with them because they have some updates to share about Meralco and One Meralco Foundation.

Mr. Zaldarriaga shares that Meralco considering the opportunities of the current times which is the use of social media, thus they are adapting to reach more customers. We all know that nowadays, social media is a thing for everyone.

One Meralco Foundation of Meralco is run by one of its executives, Mr. Jeffrey Tarayao, the President. The goal of the foundation is to provide sustainable energy source to hard-to-reach schools and communities in remote areas. During our interview, Mr. Tarayao shared their lighting project stories that occupies most of their time, going to the community, giving the currently available energy source, which is the solar-powered panels, and other possible help they can extend.

One Meralco Foundation, under the leadership of Mr. Tarayao, seeks out these electricity-deprived communities to bring the hope of light. Mr. Tarayao explained also during the interview that they are thankful to their network of partners who knows about the project. With this, people, agencies, and organizations share information with One Meralco Foundation for communities in need of the lighting project and with this they review and pick which one does need the lighting project the most. 

Right now, One Meralco Foundation is busy distributing solar-powered lamps. They have given a figure of around 3,000 solar lamps to fisherfolks and forest rangers. The foundation also have scholarships for the engineers to be and also the nurse and doctors to be.

As Meralco and One Meralco Foundation brings light, they also brings hope to every family. Check out their #LightUpPilipnas campaign.

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