Fun Friday Nights at Teatrino from September to November

9/26/2011 04:33:00 PM

It will be fun, fun, fun Fridays all Friday nights of September all the way to November 2011 at Teatrino, Promenade in Greenhills.

Got Fridays @ Teatrino will showcase the latest generation of local singers in a smorgasbord of musical sets, providing nearly three hours of wonderful new sounds and performances from September 2 to November 25, 2011.

Directed and conceptualized by Freddie Santos, one of the most notable stage directors in the country, this innovative musical presentation “brings young, up and coming artists who have already been launched or who have had their first CD albums released up to the next level of their musical careers.”

“All Friday nights at Teatrino from September to November will be nights full of music from new faces singing new faves and redefining fun through a new kind of musical experience,” said Santos. Various young artists are featured each night in sampler style performances to expose their talents to new and wider audiences.

The musical project is a collaboration between Music Museum Group Inc. and various artist management houses. It will feature fresh local artists who already have their rabid fan following and second generation musical talents that are “chips off the old block”.

On tap this September are new artists : Grand Star Dreamer Laarni Lozada, pop classical balladeer Markki Stroem,Fil-Italian heartthrob Kevin Cisco, newest band sensation 3AM, teen acoustic pop duo Krissy and Ericka and the Jammistas – outstanding singer-musicians that Viva Records fused into an even more outstanding musical group (composed of Yssa Alvarez, Sabrina, Davey Langit, Noelle Cassandra and Marvin Ong). Then there are the next-gen singing sensations : Nicole and Carlo David, children of jazz great Mon David; Isabella (Kuh Ledesma’s “little girl”), Robin Nievera, son of concert royalty Martin Nievera and Pops Fernandez and Jaco Benin, son of Side A’s Joey Benin, who will perform with Markki Stroem. These young artists headline September Fridays from September 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30. Many more are on tap for October and November.

Got Fridays @ Teatrino isn’t only unique because of its new show concept, it will also tickle the taste buds with a fun menu available only on Fridays at the Teatrino : casual, funky food (pop corn, onion rings, barbecue and such) to munch on with light drinks at very affordable prices.
Tickets to this new Friday night diversion are at P500 each. For ticket reservations, call 7228310 loc. 116 for a great night out with friends, family, barkada and weekend buddies. Got Fridays @ Teatrino will surely satisfy cravings for good music, good food and a novel experience that’s easy on the pocket as well.

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