1/26/2012 08:37:00 PM

2011 it was a year of struggle in my family.

First quarter of the year, my father was confined in the hospital. 2nd quarter, i undergone an emergency CS due to bleeding, while my pre term baby Gelo was confined in the hospital for almost 2 weeks. 3rd quarter was a silent quarter of my life, nothing happen, but on the last quarter of the year my 1 year old niece died and my pre term baby Gelo was confined again for almost 1 week due to broncho pneumonia.Whew!!!what a year? Right?

But 2011 was done..struggles done...hopefully...

Unfortunately 2012 another struggle happen, as of this moment my pre term baby Gelo again undergone medication for 1 week and is still under observation. Imagine 39 to 40  degree Celsius temperature..scary...sleepless office work...because i need to stay home with my baby, i need to monitor, i need to talk to our pedia...


Hope this circumstances will not last...but i'm very thankful that i face all those struggle and it make me a strong person and realized that my family is very important to me more than other things..and i realize who is your true friend that will help you to coup up in things that.

This time, I just want to take the opportunity to give thanks to JOAN MONISIT for being there to me, she make me strong and make me happy every time i experienced struggle. May the Good Lord bless you always JOAN MONISIT.

I will just want to make my life easy and happy this 2012...I just claim that i am the luckiest and happiest person this year. Some of the Feng Sui explained that those with year of the Rooster will be lucky this year

Will see and find out..what will happen, will it be another struggle or another victory...

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