SM City North EDSA Welcomed the 2012 Year of the Dragon

1/19/2012 03:09:00 PM


For this Chinese New Year I and my family were very fortunate to get invited in SM North Edsa's celebration of the Chinese New Year. Together with my husband and my eldest son we went to the venue at SM City North EDSA at the Block. A giant golden dragon is the centerpiece. They unveiled their theme for this years Chinese New Year.

Chris Tiu being the emcee welcomed guests, viewers and other important people present in the event. He did it in English and Chinese Language. As a flow of the program he did the narration of the Chinese New Year story and Richard Yap or known now as Papa Chen play the part of a Chinese Emperor. As the program goes on there intermission numbers and presentation played on every part of the story. There were Wushu Demonstration, Presentation from Chinese Symphony Orchestra, Dragon and Lion Dance and some playing of the musical instrument (not really sure what was that) as part of the Chinese New Year Celebration.

So what was the narration by Chris Tiu? Here's a short story about it.

In early times in China, a certain little village was terrorize by a monster that came once each year. One day, just by luck, the villagers discovered that the monster got weaknesses and scared of color red and evenmore afraid of loud noises! So the villagers prepared for the coming of the monster. When the monster came everyone in the village ran for the red banners and noise makers they had made. They waved their banners and rattled their noise makers. This scared the monster so much that made it ran away and was never heard from again!

My son, who's always very active and runs around kept still on the chair and watch every presentation, especially the Dragon and Lion Dance. Too bad he's still scared of mascots and other figure like the lion and the dragon costume. Anyway that was a nice weekend for our family. Thank you SM City North EDSA and Azrael for that invite. KUNG HEI FAT CHOI!

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