New Year events!!!

1/12/2012 08:06:00 PM

It will be my first blog post here. There were things happened last month, those things were the reason I did not update my blog.

Well, let's change topic, for the benefit of the new year. I just want to be happy for 2012, and more blessing, more events and hoping for a fruitful 2012 will happen in my life together with my MAG (marco, anarc and gelo)

For the first stop. I just celebrated my birthday last Jan 6, 2012, well...just want to thank Pizza hut for the GC that we received. My Family and my in-laws went to Pizza hut just to have a dinner, unfortunately, my husband a blogger too, forgot our camera, so it means no capture moment on my mini celebration.

Next stop, yesterday January 11, 2012, its GELO's 8th month celebration. Just a simple celebration, my mother cooked a spaghetti while my husband bought a cake. We were so blessed that Gelo is now celebrating his 8th month and in just a few months he'll be turning 1, just wait and see what will happen on that big event.

Hoping for the best this new year...

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