OT or Oreo Time, Time In Now!

4/10/2013 08:50:00 PM

Quality time is very important in the Family.  Parents give time to their kids to make them smile.  Most Parents who are working spend most of their time in their workplace and some even do the OT or overtime which lessens the time with the kids.

Excessive workload is also one of the factor why quality time with the kids lessens.  I, myself, experienced that.  I leave and comes to the house that the kids are asleep already.  It's really hard for me that time.

Now, I am a full time mommy so I definitely spend more time with them.  The problem now is that they are longing to be with their daddy.  My husband works away in Clark, Pampanga.  He stays their for a week, so he only makes quality time with the kids during weekend.  

Recently, Maki and I spent an OT or Oreo Time at the Blue Leaf.  It was really fun!  My son enjoyed it very much!  They love Oreo very much that's why when I told him that we were going to attend an Oreo event, his eyes glowed and widened.

The event were filled with lots of kids from Nayon ng Kabataan and Oreo biscuit flooded the venue as well, not literary but it was plenty though. Aside from the edible ones there were also the not edible because they were made of rubber, hahaha!  The kids and us grown ups enjoyed watching the presentation in the event while eating Oreo.

The event was hosted by Lyn Ching Pascual of Unang Hirit together with her adorable daughter Gabby. Just like us they were also on OT (Oreo time) on the event.  Well, Mommies love going anywhere with their kids.  Hahaha!

Oreo wants to start saying "Ang Sarap Mag OT! by giving it a whole new meaning - from "overtime" to "Oreo Time".

"Oreo Time is a moment of fun, togetherness, and child-like delight that you spend with your loved ones," explained Oreo Philippines Brand Manager Hernando Betita. "That's why Oreo, as the favorite bonding cookie of families, has taken it upon itself to encourage families to do OT or Oreo Time more often and in mamy more ways," he continued.

For my Family, Oreo achieve their concept of Oreo Time.  First the tasty flavors of the Oreo, which my kids like it very much specially when dunk with their milk.  Then changing the negative concept of OT for the kids instead of overtime they'll be thinking of it as Oreo Time and that I make sure that I have an Oreo on my Grocery because we eat Oreo together over merienda, specially on week end.

To further highlight the importance of fun and family bonding, Oreo invited Child Psychologist Danielle Ochoa, a psychology professor at the Univeristy of the Philippines-Diliman, who discussed about how spending enough OT with your family especially your children, can be good for the children's emotional development and for your emotional health.

During the event, Oreo announced its latest mission to encourage families to spend more time together. The brand intends to change the meaning of OT by collecting a whopping one million OReo Time-ins, which will be monitored via the website OreoTime.com

You too can "time in"! Go on the Oreo website and share pictures or videos or status messages of your family using your favorite social media platform. By simply hash-tagging #OreoTime when Tweeting, Instagramming or posting on Facebook your fun-filled OTs, you can also contribute to the mission of one million "time ins"!

Oreo will also reward those who've "timed-in" with special surprises when certain milestones are achieved. Once the one-million goal is reached, Oreo promises a grand surprise for everyone in celebration of the achievement.

Maki liked the event, our OT or Oreo Time, because he got a chance to have a photo with a huge Oreo, I was surprised when he carried the big Oreo and told me "Mommy I am ready!" so I grab my camera and took a picture of him.  It was so amazing!  After the photobooth, he enjoyed also the games, like the Oreo Puzzle and throwing the oreo made of rubber to the big glass, Maki won in both games and his prize was an Oreo-liked little notebook.  Again while eating the oreo he attentively watched the presentation of The Hyper Kids, a sensational high-energy dance team, and the Far-East Acrobats, a family acrobat troupe that was featured on Talentadong Pinoy.

Well, the event was our OT or Oreo Time with my lovable Maki. To know more about Oreo and OReo Time, log-on to OreoTime.com or the Oreo Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/oreo?ref=ts&fref=ts .

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