Ibong Adarna: The Pinoy Adventure Now Showing!

10/05/2014 05:06:00 AM

Ibong Adarna was one of the story that we did a book report during high school, aside from the report we also did the play about the book. So, hearing about this story being immortalized in a movie makes me so much excited to watch it and see how it was interpreted on the big screen.

This movie, Ibong Adarna was directed by Jun Urbano, whom we commonly known as "Mr Shooli" during the 90s. It was his most well known character during that time. He was a funny Mongolian with a distinct Chinese accent that made the kids, like me, laughed a lot. 
Prinsipe Sigasig was played by Rocco Nacino who will search for the magical bird, Ibong Adarna, as cure for his dying father. This is the first time that I've watched Rocco Nacino on the big screen and I must say that he is a good actor and he did played his parts convincingly.  And he is also good in the fight scenes. He also proved that he can do drama and a touch of comedy. I really enjoy watching him.

The award winning actor Joel Torre played the role of the Sultan, the father of Prinsipe Sigasig. As expected from him, it was a great portrayal of the dying Sultan. He really acts very well and proven much of his talent, he is one my parents' favorite actor. Angel Aquino played as Sultana in the movie, She is one my favorite actress I like the way she acts. On this Ibong Adarna movie, I liked how she was portrayed as the Sultana and how the make up was put on her eyes. She really speaks and acts through her eyes.
One of the characters that made the story more appealing is the greedy and selfish half brother of the Sultan which was played by Leo Martinez. He seeks the help of a wicked witch played by Lilia Cuntapay to cast a spell on the sultan so that he can reign as the next successor with the help of his partner Benjie Paras. Leo and Benjie made the crowd laugh, it was really a funny antics played by both of them.

For all who of us who know the story, they somehow made a twist in the story making it more applicable to this generation though the lesson of the story is still there. I like their shots from different locations like in Tanay Rizal; Calatagan, Batangas; Mountain Province and Quezon. Their costumes are really made to give life to the story. The design and the vibrant colors made it more attractive most especially for the students.
I will definitely let my kids watch this movie, this will be a bonding moment for us. So Mommies, let your kids watch this legendary pinoy story.

Ibong Adarna: The Pinoy Adventure produced by Gurion Entertainment and it is now showing nationwide.

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