Home Foodie Season 3 Madaliciuos Meals

5/15/2017 05:17:00 AM

We all love to cook, but the problem is how to prepare it in a very easy way and serve it in an unusual way. There are now too many cook books in the market that can teach how to cook and there are too many cooking show that can guide you, but the problem is that which one is the best for you, for us.
Okay, there's one show that I was glad to have seen and known, the Home Foodie. It continues to have shows that teaches and help create simple to prepare, easy to cook and delicious food. So it's another round for the good hosts of Home Foodie as they air their 3rd Season. Home Foodie is hosted by the ever click couple Drew Arellano and Iya Villana-Arellano. Together with the line of products of San Miguel Purefoods, with Celebrity Chefs, RJ Garcia, Rene Ruiz and Nutri Nurse Llena Tan-Arenas will get to share more of the "Madalicious Meals". Easy and delicious home cook meals.

Madalicious stands for Madali (easy) and Delicious food that they will offer this season. In addition to that, Home Foodie Madalicious Meals Mobile App was launched during its digital conference, where all home foodies can download the app in their smarthphones and watch 60-second cooking demos as weal as meal planning and preparation tips of the the recipes featured previously on Home Foodie TV episodes. This season, once the show is up on the TV it is automatically added to the Madalicioius Mobile App. Host Drew Arellano explains all about the said app through the video below;
The 26 recipes will be presented in thematic combos to give viewers quick tips and ideas on meal pairings. Most of the recipes featured this season have about 5 main ingredients that are pantry-friend and come in a 4 step procedures, using the finest quality products of San Miguel PureFoods.

During Home Foodie Season 3 Blogcon, Bloggers also had a taste of the flavorful dishes that will be featured on the show. Here are some of the food presented to us;
Mediterranean Chicken Pilaf.

Easy Oven Toaster Pizza, Bread Pudding in a Pan, Salted Egg Spareribs and Mediterranean Chicken Pilaf.

Mommies, this will be a big help for us as we serve meals for our loved ones and what's interesting is that it is a Madalicious Meals.  It will be a more bonding moments with the family because it is "Madalicious"

Catch Home Foodie beginning today May 15, Mondays to Fridays, after Unang Hirit on GMA 7.
To know more about Home Foodie and their recipes log on www.homefoodie.com.ph and follow them at Twitter: @homefoodiePH Instagram: @homefoodiePH and on Facebook www.facebook.com/homefoodie

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