St. Peter Life Plan's Services: Worst Experience Ever part 2

5/24/2017 04:06:00 AM

The second part of my blog post that I know will really get into your nerves if you read this. So it starts.

May 16, it was early in the morning when we went to St. Peter's office for the signed death certificate, we got the signed death certificate and went to City Hall for the document to be registered. After which we went to Bagbag Cemetery for the place to bury my father's remains. Thank God we finished it all in one day.

May 17, we stayed in our parent's house for the wake. During that time most of our visitors were asking why St.Peter didn't have any flowers. Though we bought our own flowers, still it's part of their services. So I asked my collector, Ate Nilda, she said it should have flowers and it should have been delivered immediately.

It was May 18 when Ate Nilda talked to me and informed me that Ms. Jennie will follow up at the flower shop. It was 9:30PM when the flowers was delivered, it was Thursday and the 6th night of my father's wake.

May 19, early in the morning, my Mother and I bought some of the things that we need on my father's interment day. And we looked for some Chapels to blessed my father's remains at their house. We are so tired, so my mother took some rest in our house and later on decided to go home where my father's wake is. At 230pm, Owen called up and asked if I already paid the burial payment. I told him that I don't know because the documents were at my Parents house. He insisted that I need to go to City Hall together with my mother to pay for the burial fees. We were so tired and the time is already 3:00 PM. We were stressed out that day because of the time constraint in order to process that burial payment that they said. I asked him if I can have it processed on another day. Insistingly he said that it is one of the requirement for my father's burial on Sunday. It serves as the permit to bury the dead. I called my mother, and I told her about the situation. She was so mad at first but since it was one of the requirements we don't have any choice to have it processed. What is worse is that it was already Friday and the time is very limited and we all know that there will be a long line at City Hall. My mother's blood pressure shoot up. My Collector, Ate Nilda offered help that she'll join me in City Hall to have it finish immediately.

When I am about to leave to go to my Parents house, Ate Nilda called me and she told me that Ms. Jennie explained to her that it was already included in the receipt for the registration fee of the death certificate. Yes, it was included when I saw the receipt. Imagine the tension that Owen gave to us, knowing that they can't bury my father's remain just because of that permit. Plus the health issues that my mother gone through.

The concern here is that why they didn't even know how they process the papers and the documents needed for the burial when it is their routine work process. They are all inefficient and they are all insensitive of the situation of their clients.

After experiencing so many hassle, we were already cautious that their might have another problem, that's why I kept on reminding Ate Nilda of the burial's schedule and to remind the personnel of Tandang Sora branch. I informed her that the internment is 2:00 PM so St. Peter should be at our parent's house by 1:00 PM.

It seems that they are very consistent in their inefficiency. On the day of the internment, at around past 11:00 AM someone called me from a new number that they are going to be a little bit late. Unknowing of the number I responded to it and communicate with them to know the reason. Suddenly, the St. Peter appear in our door step at around quarter to 12, telling us that they will now have my father's remain carried to Bagbag Cemetery because they have another 2:00 PM schedule. My family and my relatives were all in shock that it is not yet time. They were all pointing at me and telling why I scheduled it that early when everyone knows that it was 2:00 PM. I responded back to them that the schedule is 2:00 PM and I don't know why they are so early. Imagine the commotion that it brought to us. So, immediately I contacted Ate Nilda and their supervisor (I think) Ms. France and informed them of the misunderstanding with the schedule. They agreed to provide another driver for the 1:00 PM schedule of loading my father's remains in the "Caro".

We thought it will go as scheduled. St. Peter assured me that they will be at my parent's house at 12:45 PM to have enough time to load my father's remain in the "Caro" and the travel time going to Bagbag Cemetery. It was already 1:10 PM and all eyes are on me. They were asking where's the St. Peter. So again, I followed-up and texted Ate Nilda and Ms. France. They told me that they informed the driver and personnel handling it. They were 30 minutes late of their assured time of 12:45 PM.

We are all grieving and it was the time that we are all vulnerable. And the saddest part is that they worsen it with stress, tension, and hassle. Why do we have to experience something like this? And it was from a burial services that we thought would give us the ease of taking care of our departed.

The feeling of shame/pity to myself, because I offered St Peter to my family knowing that they have the best services, but the worst experience happened. I don't know how to explain to them plus the fact that it so expensive for my family. Actually, I asked St. Peter if they can give a discount for the hassle, the tension, and the stress they brought to us to at least comfort our feeling, but still they did not provided it. So we pay the total amount of Php33,125.00 and in return the worst experience.

I think St. Peter should check the staff at Tandang Sora branch. Actually, I also suggested that they need to have a checklist and explain everything to their client, it will be a big help and it will ease the process and have good relationship with their clients.

I did this blog so that it will not happen again to their other clients. It will be a lesson learned to my family and to my readers. I think they need not only to check but to have an overhaul of their staff.

Now, I am thinking if I will get again a Life Plan from them. What do you think?

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