St. Peter Life Plan's Services: Worst Experience Ever

5/24/2017 03:36:00 AM

St. Peter Life Plan is one of the known plans here in the Philippines when it comes to insuring your death. An assurance that families of plan holders won't have to worry spending more when the time has come. There's a negative phrase locally saying that "mahal mamatay dito sa Pilipinas" (it's expensive to die in the Philippines), well, it is in fact true because there are too many things that you need to pay. From the time that body is declared dead up to the time of its burial.

My in-laws, my friends and even my past officemate, they all have St. Peter Life Plan. We realized that we really need to secure, at least our burial. So last year, my husband and I decided to avail the plan. We started paying last November 2016. Until last May 12, my father died. It was a painful experience for us and for the whole family.

Out of my love for my father, I talked to my mother and offered my St. Peter Plan to be transferred and be used for my father's burial. Even though most of my siblings wanted our fathers burial be catered by the other funeral services, still I insisted and my mother accepted it.

The plan that I've chosen is St. George with a face value amounting to Php37,500.00. Since the plan is still new and I had only paid Php4,375, we need to pay it in full to be utilized for my father's burial. I explained to my siblings that I heard to some people that I know about the good and efficient services of St. Peter, "maganda at maayos ang services ng St. Peter". No hassle. So, I stick to that belief. Unfortunately that belief was torn into pieces with what St. Peter Tandang Sora Branch did to us. It worsen our grieving.

It was lunch time of May 12, we lost our father. It was a very painful day for our family. Even though at grief I manage to contact my St. Peter agent (Ms. Emms Bautista) and collector (Ate Nilda). I informed them of what had happened and they extended their condolences and help for our family. They did their effort to provide the best services they can offer and made sure that we are taken cared of. We chose St. Peter Tandang Sora Branch, since it is near to us. Unfortunately, the Tandang Sora branch didn't have any available room at that time. The branch informed us that they'll be having an available room a few days after, which is Monday. My mother didn't accept the offered because we will be prolonging the day that we won't be seeing him and besides our relatives and friends would surely want to bid their farewell as well as early as possible. Though they offered the Novaliches Branch we didn't take it because it is way to far from our place.

Without any room to cater the wake of my father, my mother decided to have the wake at their house. To immediately facilitate the wake at their house, I talked to St. Peter and informed them of our decision. I called them and asked for the time they will get my father from the hospital, because my mother heard one of St.Peter client in the same hospital that they called St. Peter to pick the body of their relative in the morning but no St.Peter showed up. So I talked to Tandang Sora branch the experienced of their client and hoping that it won't happen to us. Gladly it's not because they immediately get my father at around 6:30PM of may 12.

May 13, they called us that we need to bring the clothes for my father. We went their around 1230pm. I handed the clothes to a girl that I think doesn't know what she must do because she keeps on asking the guy named Vladimir. She's there so I presumed she's one of the staff but later on I get to know that she's one of the utility personnel. Vladimir talked to me for a while then he approved the form for my father's clothes. I gave him the documents (my St. Peter Life Plan form) and asked him to acknowledge the receipt of the documents by signing on the copy that I have. He posed and ask me why? I told him that you're getting my original Life Plan documents so I need a confirmation that you received the documents. He received it and signed the copy.

I asked him if I still have any documents to fill-out and sign or any fees to pay, he just responded nothing more. I followed a question asking the time my father's body will brought to my parents house. He said that it's 3 hours to prepare the body, dress and whatever things they will do. It's already 1:00 PM that time so we were expecting they brought it at around 4:00 to 5:00 PM.

Around past 5:00 PM still no coffin was brought to my parent's house. I followed-up at 5:30 PM. I don't know who answers, not sure if its France of Jennie, asking me to bring my mother back at their office to fill-up and sign a form. I responded with a different tone asking what. I told her that we went already there when we brought the clothes for my father and asked if there are any forms that we are going to fill out or sign but the respond that we got was nothing. So assumed that everything is all clear. What's worse is that they say my father's body won't be delivered unless we accomplished the form they are referring to. I told them that we've already exerted our effort and my mother is already tired, so it's their job to do theirs. I suggested to her to bring my father's coffin together with the form and we will accomplish at my parent's house. Afterwards the girl started texting me asking for basic information about my father. It was already 6:30 PM finally my father was at their house together with the form so I filled the needed information and let my mother signed it.

May 15, we went to City Hall to register the Death Certificate of my father. This day is another worse hassle that we experience with St. Peter Tandang Sora Branch. The city hall did not accepted the death certificate because the embalmer from St. Peter did not signed the back portion of the certificate of which he was ought to do. The fact that St. Peter Tandang Sora staff should know that already and all the process concerning things like this but it seems they are lacking the efficiency. They didn't even bother to explained those things to us. So, from City hall we immediately went to their branch, talked to Ms. Jennie. She explained that we'll have to wait for the embalmer of which will take an overnight. So in other words we didn't accomplished any on that day.

To be continued on the second part of this blog post.

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