Date With My Boys at Climb Central

11/30/2018 10:47:00 PM

Bonding with Family is real! It requires great effort. allotment of time, and of course shelling out some of your hard earned money but hey its for them. As of now, for me, it is a must, especially now that my kids are starting to grow faster than I expect it. That's why I have dedicated some of my time and space in my FB account the "Date with My Boys". This is to at least record every important happening in my life with them.

One of the things that I realized while doing some of my "Date with My Boys" is that I am not a sporty kind of Mom. And well in fact I should be because I have 3 boys (including my hubby) who are very adventurous and sporty. I did realized after we visited Climb Central.

Climb Central is one of the indoor training facilities for individuals who loves wall or rock climbing. Wall or Rock Climbing is a sports that requires grip strength, muscles coordination, and agility in accomplishing or reaching the top.

It’s really ironic that during my high school days, I’m one of the CAT officer who had rapelling training and other military exercises. One of I attended team bldg has a wall climbing, it’s been a while since I did wall climbing, I'm not into it because first I have fear on heights, I'm not sporty and I’m not expose on that kind of activity.

During our visit at Climb Central my kids were all excited even my hubby. Of course registration first, safety gear and introduction with briefing. We need to be informed of the dos and don'ts plus what to expect. The facility is for partners or individuals who would like to harness their climbing ability. 

Personally, I tried the climb -twice. Unfortunately the mind willing but the body is weak. I guess I need to have more practice. My husband love this kind of activity he even reached the top for 4 to 5 times during our stayed their. Though his not much into it and with no practice, still, he managed to do the wall climbing properly that made our kids get amazed and eager to try the activity.

Our eldest son, Maki, loved and tried it that he managed to reached 1/4 of the wall climbing area. Just like me he wanted to reached the top but his body is not prepared for this activity. Perhaps next time that we do something like this. While our youngest son, Gelo, managed to reached higher area than his older brother. Gelo is like his Daddy because he kept on climbing and trying different stunts at Climb Central.

Both my kids loved to do it and they told me that we need to be there at least once a week. During our stayed they kept asking when will be our next visit. Yeah, Climb Central is true on what they said that this activity is so addictive that you want to go back again.

This is a full bonding moment for us with lots of memories. It is so sporty I guess I need to be sporty because my boys loved to do wall climbing. A different kind of bonding activity that really gives you  moments to treasure for the rest of your lives.

Mommies if you want something different that will make your family go actively in sports better try Climb Central's wall climbing activity. They also have other activities inside the facility.
You can also get your whole day pass through Enjoy!

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