Date WIth My Boys: The Manila Ocean Park Experience

11/06/2018 09:07:00 AM

Semestral break (sembreak) for the kids is very important, not just to have some time off from their studies but to energize them. This is the great time for the whole family to bond together. For me, as a mom, I take this opportunity to make my kids enjoy a memorable sembreak. Something for them to treasure.

The more the merrier is indeed true, so aside from my Boys, we also invited my Mother, Sister, niece and nephew to be part of this momentous day out.

Our destination and place to experience is at the Manila Ocean Park. When it comes to sea creatures this is the place to visit. It is one of the bucketlist of my kids. We've visit the place more than once, the first one was when my hubby was still my boyfriend, then the next one was when our first born, Kuya Maki, was three years old and just recently, last Saturday, October 27, we again visited the Park this time together with our youngest Son, Gelo.

All Star Bird Show

This was our first stop, the All Star Bird Show, since this is the closest time that we can do we immediately went to the area. Our kids' eyes widened when the bird show started and showcased their talents. This is their first time to experience and witness a bird show personally. Most of the time they just watch it on TV or in youtube. We just hoped that we were there earlier for the best seat. They wanted to go down there to watch it up close. My youngest son Gelo were yelling how great the show were.

It was an amazing experience, all of us were very attentive and very keen on the All Star Bird Show, specially the entry of the Birds and when they do their glides on our back, on the right and on the left side. We were in awe and a bit of shocked, they were not just an ordinary bird.

Birds Of Prey Kingdom

One of the highlights of our Manila Ocean Park experience happened here. At first you'll find this less exciting because there's not much to see but the intensity of the show is near the edge of the trail where people are invited to try and feed the eagles. Indeed they are the birds of prey. Of course one of us is brave enough to try it and without any hesitation Gelo talked to the Kuya who facilitates the feeding. Gelo was excited so he waited for his turn.


When it's Gelo's turn, he was both nervous and excited but we know him very well that he'll do this. He moved on, put on the protective gear, experienced it, and gave us an unforgettable moment. It was so fast, I thought we did not captured the moment, good thing that the Facilitator assisted in capturing it amazingly. Gelo's reaction was priceless, "My heart keeps beating Mommy, I was scared". Though a little bit scary for my 7 years old son because he felt the moment the bird got the fish on his arm.

It was indeed a great and priceless experience for my family, especially for the kids. For sure my children will tell it to their classmates when school days starts again.

Trails To Antartica
(Penguin Exhibit & Christmas  Village)

It looks and feels so cold when we entered this part of Manila Ocean Park attraction, the Trails To Antartica. I'm sure the sound already feels cold, even though its cold the place isn't cold of its features because when the kids saw the penguins, well, they wanted to get inside and experience feeding the penguins. Unfortunately, the line is long and it's not part of our itinerary. They wanted to feed them, touch them and have a picture with them. I just told them that we will do it when we visit Manila Ocean Park again. I was glad that they somehow understood. They just content themselves looking at the swimming penguins.

Then the next part was the Village where Santa is, the Christmas Village. It seems that Yuletide season is really near. It was really a village with cold weather, Santa Claus, Snow Man, the falling made-up snow, and of course the fireplace. The kids enjoyed catching the falling ice flakes.



Intermission (Snack Time)

It was just 3 attractions but our tummy is already rumbling, we need to eat! If we're just all adults we'll definitely finish the whole list of attractions but because we have kids with us, well, they're all hungry and to replenish their energies. Right mommies? Good thing that there are lots of food stalls to choose from. We got fries from Potato Corner, Siopao and Siomai from Henlin and finally the frosty from Wendys. We were full after that and we're ready again to for more experiences at Manila Ocean Park

The Oceanarium

It was my 3rd time to visit but it is still a moment to cherish, especially now that I have more than one with me. Our Manila Ocean Park 2nd highlight happened here. My kids were amazed when they got a chance to see different fishes, small and big, different colors, different features and a lot more.


During our stroll at the clear tunnel, we were able to capture few moments together with the fishes. But the most exciting of all is our selfie photo and video with one of the big fishes. What's more interesting is that the fish stays behind us and had her moment with us. Glad that it stayed and take note the fish fitted in our groupie. We were so happy on that very moment.

Sea Lion Show

Thought we felt tired after we visited the 4 attractions in Manila Ocean Park, but it seems that the kids aren't and what's great is that the Sea Lion Show eased our tired feet and we felt great just by watching the show. Perhaps because we were laughing that ease of our tiresome. While watching Gelo was amazed and wanted to touch the sea lions. When the host asked for volunteers, Gelo was raising his hands and shouts that he be picked. Unfortunately adults are required. Gelo wanted to touch the Sea Lion because he only watches it on TV but now he wanted to be near the Sea Lion, The theater was full packed of people to witness the show of the Sea Lion.

We left the theater with a big smile on our face, we really love the show, for sure the next time we visited the Park, we will definitely watch again the Sea Lion Show.

Shark and Rays Encounter

This is the first time that my family bravely took the chance to touch the sting ray. My kids love to touch the Sting Rays while the facilatator is holding it, all of us were amazed that we had a chance to encounter that huge sting ray. on the other hand, a shark, a very long but on a sleep mode I guess for us to give chance to watch shark nearly.

Neon Rides

This was our last destination for the tour in Manila Ocean Park because we're all tired from all the  attractions that we visited. This also gave a memorable experience plus a good cover photo for my facebook. Love the lights, the car and the rides. My kids were so excited and kept of shouting and screaming while we were on the rides. My hubby was the one who drove it, while the three of us kept on paddling to help daddy to move the car. The sound trip kept us to enjoy the rides and take note the kids are familiar with most of the music played during the ride.

Love this neon rides, it really gave us a time to bond to have a unity as a family as we ride the car. It gave us to think to have a road trip with my family and enjoy every moment with them.

We made it! We had a very enjoyable sem break with the kids, nephew and niece. A very memorable moment and bonding that for sure they will treasure for the rest of their lives. Though the suggested line-up of activities are 14 attractions we barely managed to have the 7 attractions to finished.
Since we weren't able to finished all the attractions, the kids keep on telling me that we need to visit again Manila Ocean Park to finish the other 7 attractions.

After a tiring day we need to have a dinner good thing that Makanmakan is just as near as they are for the visitors of Manila Ocean Park. You can read my story about our dining experience on my next blog.

Mommies, holiday season is coming now, if you want to give them a Christmas gift, Manila Ocean Park is the best. If you want to get your tickets fast and avoid the hassle of long lines, all you need to do is book it via Travelbook.Ph.  

For more details visit their website, their facebook page

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