Experienced the Flavor of Fiery Style at Gateway Mall

8/13/2019 09:55:00 AM

Whenever I hear Mexican Food, it reminds me of their specialty, the burrito. I am not a fan of burrito but I love quesadillas. Gladly, I was invited on Fiery Style Gateway Mall Grand Opening a Mexican Resto that change my taste buds and my concept about Mexican Restaurants.

The ambiance of Fiery Style Southwestern Grill looks enticing enough for passersby to look at it and check it out, whether it’s about the menu or just simply the place if it’s cozy enough to eat at. Of course if they find it looks good they’ll definitely dine in and have what their palate is craving for. There are variety of foods to try and you’ll be amazed how surprisingly delicious their dishes are. Take note I did not try the burrito, but the quesadillas is must try.

Here are some of the foods that I tried at Fiery Style

Fiery Nachos

Love the presentation and the colorful nachos. The taste do really deserves a thumbs up. I like the combination of the usual ingredients of nachos but with a twist on it, the avocado flavor, it is not over powering but it blends with the taste. I highly recommended this for you my dear readers. Try it!

Salpicao De Mar Y Tierra

Tender Beef and succulent shrimps sauteed in fiery salpicao sauce. This one is a grand slam in our table, the first meal that we managed to finish early. I really love the sauce, it’s very enticing.

Galleon Of Bones

Love the presentation through a boat. I am a fan of Ribs, that's why I enjoyed this meal combination. There are choices that will make your tummy fully loaded, no feeling of food fatigue on this. This meal is for groupings like dine in with your family or your friends.

Lord Of The Wings

It’s a very creative way of presenting the chicken wings that made us grab one instantly, for sure if I will bring my kids here in Fiery Style they will enjoy this chicken wings,


This is one of my favorite in a Mexican Resto. I really really love the taste of Mexican Cheese flavor of Quesadilla at Fiery Style, I think I finished 4 pieces of it. My eldest son will love this because he is a fan of cheese.

Frozen Cheesecake

I really love cheesecake very much. This one made me enjoyed and ends my dinner at Fiery with a big smile on my face. It is a very satisfying dining experience, ever.

The foods that Fiery Style Southwestern Grill Restaurant served were very highly recommended, you will not feel unsatisfied. As what I have posted on my instagram, one of my good friend commented that she will definitely visit the Fiery Style Gateway Mall branch.


So mommies, do spend your family bonding over a sumptuous meal at Fiery Style. It will be a memorable bonding and the kids will enjoy.

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