Indak, A Movie of Dance and Groove

8/06/2019 11:36:00 PM

The latest movie that will be shown in cinemas this week is one of the rarest genre in the film industry. INDAK is a dance musical genre that tells a story about finding ones self and striving to pursue a dream. A movie of dance and groove that is starred by the award-winning actress, Nadine Lustre and the total performer, Sam Concepcion together with a number of cast that forms the group Indak Pinas. This is directed by Paul Alexei Basinillo, one of the top concert director in the country.

Director Basinillo is well known for directing concerts and TV commercials that won international awards. Some of his works are Sarah Geronimo's 24/SG in 2012, the Music Video of Sarah's 'Kilometro' in 2015, and the Bamboo & Yeng Concert in 2014. He begun from humble beginnings from being a waiter to delivery boy to marketing artist, Then later on started his career as an art director and became the youngest creative director in major ad agencies in the Philippines. Now, a full time director.

INDAK movie focuses in many different facet of life and I hope I wont spoil much about the movie. It is not only about dance but also the deep meaning of valuing ones root and the opportunity that life gives. It is further expressed in some lines in the movie about chasing your dreams. The movie also gave emphasis on learning to stand every time you fall.

The movie INDAK tells the story about the character of Jen played by Nadine Lustre, who is an island girl who has a dream but was halted because of certain situations in life. Then came Vin portrayed by Sam Concepcion, who is the leader of a dance group called Indak Pinas that will give the opportunity to Jen. Then story goes on.

Nadine, shared their struggle and hardship in doing the movie. Sam on the other hand shared that what he liked most was their shoot in Korea.

For a first time to create a full length movie that is not the usual genre in film, for me, the film INDAK and the creator should be given due praise and recognition. Creating something like this require skills and talent in filming. Here are some of my points that can help you appreciate the film more.

1. The technique use in capturing the dance in motion is not new but having it on film as if you were part of it makes it interesting plus the vibe of the music makes your feet move on their own.

2. The incredible scenic view shots and fusing it with the moves of the actors will let you love to see the movie again. Realizing and appreciating more of the beauty of our country.

3. I just like how the acting is delivered, something raw, like you were talking to someone on the streets. Not much effort in a good way.

4. The acting of Nadine Lustre, Sam Concepcion and the rest of the cast isn't as hard hitting drama as it should be because it doesn't require to be that dramatic.

5. Though there were also some points to ponder but those are minor things to consider. Not all films created are perfect, even Hollywood films that we adore do have some minor details that is excused to shot the entire scene.

For me in totality the movie is good and it is not a fly by night film or the so-called pito-pito movie. Director Paul Alexei Basinillo did create an interesting dance musical film, of which can be seen on different cinemas tomorrow, August 7.

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