Andrew E., Janno Gibbs, and Dennis Padilla Returns with The Old School Comedy in Sanggano, Sanggago't Sanggwapo

8/24/2019 12:00:00 AM

Three of the top comedians, Andrew E., Janno Gibbs, and Dennis Padilla once again does their funny and wacky antics on the big screen with "SANGGANO, SANGGAGO'T SANGGWAPO". The movie is produced by Viva Films and is under the direction of Al Tantay.

The three are back and bringing their funny characters Astig, Mokong and Gamol. Old style but with the new and fresh leading ladies.

The movie "Sanggano, sanggao't Sanggwapo" plays the story of Andy, Johnny, and Dondon whose torubled-filled lives get more complicated because of deceit.

Upon the death of millionaire tycoon DonRobert Endrinal, Andy and Dondon (Andrew E. and Padilla) find out that their friend Johnny (Gibbs is actually the son of the departed businessmann, and naturally has the right and responsibility to take over his father's business. But when they arrived at the mansion, the indolent Johnny tells everyone that Andy is Johnny to free himself from any responsibility. The hardworking andy and the cunning Dondon play along with this charade.

Now that the three friends are thrust into a life of affluence and pwoer, flirtatious women are not far behind. They also have to deal with a certain Mr. Russel (Eddie Garcia), a land developer determined to acquire Johnny's hacienda, turn it into a casino complex and make the whole province a gambling capital.

To what lengths will Andy, Johnny, and Dondon go to protect the hacienda and keep their secret at the same time?

"Sanggano, Sanggago't Snaggwapo", with the tradition of the trio, their leading ladies or love interests of the characters are played by Louise delos Reyes, Cindy Miranda and Vanessa Wright.

Julian Trono, Vitto marquez, and Andrew Muhlach appear as the young versions of Andy, Johnny, and Dondon.


As what they have mentioned during the press conference, it is not the comedy of the actors but the way how viewers see the story and the patterns.

If you're one of the batang 90's well you'll definitely love the trio and bring back some old memories watching them.

"Sanggano, Sanggago, and Sanggwapo" will fill your tummies with air on September 4.

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