Viewers Get Hooked With Arjo Atayde, Find Out His 5 Interesting Traits

11/27/2019 10:19:00 PM

I have been interviewing Arjo Atayde quite some time already and most of his roles and characters are interesting. He has created different roles that probably have marked to every viewer who has watched his teleseryes. It's interesting that the audiences are affected by the characters that he portrays, which is good because he's effectively delivering what is ought to be delivered by the character.

Arjo's moving from one character to another proves his versatility. From Joaquin to Elai and to Benjo, all with different personalities that he gave justice to the character. He truly loves his craft but far more than the skills and talents that he has, there are still those certain traits that get the audiences to watch him whether his character is a villain or a good one.

During our interview with Arjo Atayde I was able to get some pieces of clues about why people are hooked with this interesting actor. Here are the five (5) interesting traits that I discovered.

1. His eyes speak. Probably it is very rare for an artist not to have eyes that speak whenever you're closely looking at them but for Arjo's case it does not only speak but it gives you that communication that he speaks truly from within him.

2. His dimples. Perhaps it's an admitting factor that actors with dimples capture more attention when they smile. It's like a magnet thing that you'll have a second look.

3. His speaking voice. Like what Ate Julie mentioned in the interview it's his deep but clear speaking voice that made one good impression whether he is a villain or not.

4. His clear passion for the craft of acting. Yes, he is very passionate when it comes to his acting that he really studies and make an effort to connect with his audience through his acting.

5. He's humble. That's one of the traits that I like about him because whether he has a good project or just a plain role he is still very humble and his feet are very much attached to the ground.

And it is just right that BAGMAN is given another season. If you become very much interested in the first season of BAGMAN then you'll probably get hooked as well to its 2nd season. The character of Benjo Malaya was quite different in this new season. As told by Arjo, he is still the same bagman but this time he has power.

Catch how Arjo Atayde makes you believe about the character of Benjo Malaya.

BAGMAN New Season now streaming on iWant.

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