A Night of Glam and Chic with Bioessence's 25 Years of Existence

12/07/2019 05:28:00 AM

A night of glam and beauty together with guests, media people, and the people behind Bioessence as the company celebrates its 25 years of existence. Continuously growing and continuously making a name in the skincare industry.

The celebration was held at Cities Event Place in Quezon City, an outdoor event that reflects the night's star with the glam and beauty of the attendees.

Just like any other events there's always a program to manage the flow of the night. As part of it is the speech of Dr. Emma Beleno, of which she openly shared their ups and downs while starting the business in 1994. It started in a town in Davao City with mere knowledge about business but with the passion of providing the skincare to everyone. Dr. Beleno pursues and grow the business of what we now know Bioessence.  She even shared that there were lessons learned along the way and she even attended business school just to master the business. She knows skincare because she's a doctor but she's no businesswoman to run a business that's why she continuously learns the ins and out of the business.

Continuously elevating the growth of Bioessence, they seeks new technology and new treatments for their clients and customers.

Congrats Bioessence!

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