Mika Gorospe Celebrates A Charity Birthday Concert at SOS Children's Village

12/19/2019 01:21:00 PM

Away from her family, Mika Gorospe spent a day at SOS Children's Village and celebrated her Birthday Concert with some of The Clash Alumni namely XOXO, Jhong Madaliday, Kyryll, Anthony Rosaldo, Dave Bornea, Nikki Co, and Golden Canedo. It is a special day for Mika Gorospe as she celebrates not only birthday but her 18th Birthday. Her way of making the love shines to others.

The event was filled with song and dance numbers from Mika and the other Clashers. The event was held last December 10 where Mika gave a helping hand with some of the family inside the village. It was followed by a mini concert, a fun musical night.

Happy greetings and wishes were given to Mika as she blow the candles on her cake. Guests male Clashers serenade her with a rose, even the fans and kids in the village gave roses as well. A different version of 18 roses.

From the Clash Season 1, Mika Gorospe is the bubbly sweet teen who has belted her way. She may have lost in that season but she won the heart of many fans, which were present during the mini concert as their way of supporting Mika.

SOS Children's Village is an NGO that helps orphans, abandoned and neglected children. The concept that intrigues me about their organization is being a family for the children. They have their Tatay, their Mama, their Aunties and siblings. It's a big family where love is given to these children. Mika became a volunteer for that particular day and spent her day helping out with the children.

Happy Birthday to Mika Gorospe and continue to be an inspiration to everyone who dreams.

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