#DateWithMyBoys : Tira Tira Party

1/08/2020 08:47:00 AM

Happy New Year everyone! Goodbye 2019 and Hello 2020! This is to welcome the new year here at my blog and thank you for all my readers who support me throughout, Thank You So Much.

The family never gets tired of preparing foods for the new year celebration, especially me because I have 2 kids who longing to have even just a simple celebration just the 4 of us. Yah! I did prepare some foods that my kids love it and requested to have in our table.

For this year, simple food for a simple family like us. For Kuya Maki, he loves Graham Cake, while Playfull Gelo likes Pork Tonkatsu and Siomai, yeah I included that food that my kids love it. A picture taking before the celebration to capture the bonding moments that we have.

I hope that this year will be fruitful and will have more happiness, cross finger! The year 2019 was full of struggle, hardship, and sadness, I guess, that is why I'm praying and claiming to make 2020 bountiful, abundant, and blessed. This is not only for me and my family but to you, my readers, as well. Thank You!

Okay, it's so serious, haha. To make the moment memorable. I just want to share our Tira Tira Party! Tira Tira means leftover food, for sure all of us experience it, right? Even a simple celebration with few foods in our table still we cannot finish it all in one sitting. Like, the salad and ham, we can't finish it all.

Just to have a simple celebration because we just stayed in the house, I made a tira tira party at the veranda of the 3rd house in our compound, the house of my Kids' GrandMother/Lola in the side of my hubby's family.

I just did a ham and egg sandwich because we had many leftovers of ham. We really can't finish all of that. I prepared 5 different sandwiches for my loved ones. I just want to share it because I am happy to prepare it for them and laughing as while preparing for it because I realized that even though we are one family, still, each of us has different likes when it comes to food.

Here are the 5 sandwiches in our Tira Tira Party
Sandwich No. 1 is for Nanay/Lola Digna and Tatay/Lolo Lito. I just prepared 1 ham and egg sandwich with fries for them. Nanay just cut it into halves for the both of them already because they can't even finish 1 sandwich at all. Tatay is already bedridden so only Nanay joined us.
Sandwich No 2 is for Kuya Maki, I made ham and egg sandwich with fries with Ketchup and mayo condiments as a dip. He loves ketchup and mayo for his fries. I am so thankful that Kuya Maki doesn't have a fever during the New Year's eve celebration. He has a fever for 2 days (Dec 30 and 31). Thank God.
Sandwich No. 3 is for me, just ham and egg with fries for me. While munching my foods, my youngest son Playfull Gelo asked for more fries from me, of course, I gave it all to him and he gave me a big smile, I just loved it!
Sandwich No. 4 is for Playfull Gelo, is just a plain egg sandwich and fries. He doesn't want a circle ham he wants a square ham, according to him, He just wants the taste of the square ham. I am happy because he finishes it all.
Sandwich No. 5 is for my hubby, Marco. I prepared 2 ham and egg sandwiches with fries. Yah! he finished it all in one sitting, I know his tummy after all.

We also have Biko from Nanay/Lola Digna, Halayang Ube from Nanay Letty, Salad from Mama/Lola Lolit and my Graham Cake. We have a chit chat together and a full tummy afterward.

I am happy that my family loves whatever food I preparing for them. Thankful that I have a skill to cook different dishes as well and they like it and most of the time requesting their favorites. I love them so much that's why I am always happy when I am cooking. And that concludes our #TiraTiraParty.

Thank you so much and I hope you'll enjoy whatever blog I will post for this year 2020! Happy New Year again to all!

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